Field Maintenance Technician

Our Company is looking for energetic, high potential, self-motivated and high-integrity individuals to join our team.

You are invited to apply for the position.

Purpose of Position

Maintenance of power and cooling equipment’s in Mobile Sites

Main Task

  • Maintenance of Power Lines, Generators Rectifiers, Battery Banks, Air Conditioners, Voltage Regulators ATS panels and Distribution panels;
  • To be available 24h/7d on-call. To be flexible, high response and a front line responder for hands-on electrical and mechanical equipment troubleshooting. Perform standby 24/7 in case needed;
  • Maintain safe work environment by following codes, standards and legal regulations;
  • Coordinates tasks, cooperate closely with other teams and support other teams when needed;
  • Support sites with portable generators in long power interruptions;
  • Installation for LV Power Lines, rectifiers, batteries and voltage regulators;


  • Very good command of mechanical and electrical hand tools, able to work on heights, good skills of the technical and operational capabilities;
  • Good Knowledge of MS office applications;
  • Intermediate knowledge of English language;
  • Team Work, Positive Attitude, Solution oriented, and Effective communication skills, Self-motivated. Multitasking, able to work under pressure;
  • Valid driver's license;


  • Similar role and be able to demonstrates knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation and apply it in the workplace;


  • High School Diploma or higher level;

Interested candidates should apply through .

Deadline of application is November 30th, 2020

We will be glad to interview all candidates selected from the CV screening


Përditësuar: 18 Nëntor 2020