Notification of ALBtelecom Sh.A. on the new postpaid packages, with the combination of "Fixed Phone, Internet and IPTV" services

ALBtelecom announces to all subscribers of the fixed network that starting from September 1, 2022, it will offer new postpaid packages, with the combination of "Fixed Telephony, Internet and IPTV" services, with the details as follows:

Monthly Fee of Combined Packages (VAT incl.)​
Internet IPTV Tring Basic IPTV Tring Full IPTV Digitalb Beginner IPTV Digitalb Family IPTV Digitalb Premium
60 Mbps* Internet ​ 1,300 ALL 1,900 ALL​ 2,200 ALL​ 1,900 ALL​ 2,300 ALL​ 3,700 ALL​
100 Mbps Internet​ 1,600 ALL​ 2,200 ALL​ 2,500 ALL​ 2,200 ALL​ 2,600 ALL​ 4,000 ALL​
300 Mbps Internet ​ 2,200 ALL​ 2,800 ALL​ 3,100 ALL​ 2,800 ALL​ 3,200 ALL​ 4,600 ALL​
1 Gbps Internet​ 4,800 ALL​ 5,400 ALL​ 5,700 ALL​ 5,400 ALL​ 5,800 ALL​ 7,200 ALL​

  • All these combinations can be benefited together with 2,000 ALBtelecom minutes (Fixed and Mobile) for FREE.
  • For new subscribers, the installation fee for the combined services "Fixed Telephony, Internet and IPTV" with post-payment is 1,500 ALL.
  • New subscribers to Tring packages can benefit from Tring Sport channels by activating the extra "Sport" package for 500 ALL/month.
  • These services, for speeds of up to 100 Mbps, are offered in Fiber & xDSL** technologies according to the possibilities of the ALBtelecom network, while for speeds of 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps, they are offered only in Fiber technology.

*30 Mbps speed will be offered for Fixed Wireless technology.

**Depending on the capacity of the technology in some areas, speeds lower than 60 Mbps may also be available.

For more information, visit our ALBtelecom shops, our official website or contact our Customer Service at 123.

Last Update: 22 August 2022