The today's company, ALBtelecom, was established right after the creation of Provisional Government of Albanian and proclamation of Independence of Albania in year 1912. This government took steps for organizing of Post–Telegraphic service, evaluating the importance of interconnection for new state, population, economy and external communication needs. Therefore it was created the Albanian Ministry of Post–Telegraph, and Mr. Lef Nosi was appointed as first minister of this Ministry. Later on this ministry would be called the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

Notwithstanding the efforts to create a structure that would facilitate inbound and outbound communications, interconnection undergo mass destruction during World War I. Transformations started right after the creation of new state of Albania in year 1920.

In year 1922 was created the Albanian State Administration for interconnection at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adhering as member of International Postal Union and becoming member of International Telecommunication Union.

In year 1960 the fixed telephony capacity quadrupled. In meantime in years 1965 offices of Post–Telecommunication were opened across all localities of Albania due to the increasing need of communication. This was reached through direct telephone interconnection of all city centers with Tirana.

In early ‘70s, Post–Telecommunication sector took another important step: enabled the connection with villages. Precisely in that year was also established the direct connection of Tirana with all cities. The year 80s and ongoing mark an increase of investments in the framework of expanding the capacities of switches in cities, to strengthen and develop technical base and to install numbering system devices, by facilitating significantly the telephone communication way.

Meanwhile, the year 90s brought a new wave of positive changes in our country, which coincided with the installation of a new system and which was accompanied by great changes in telecommunication field.

On February 5th, 1992, “Telekomi Shqiptar” was established as a separate enterprise. During 15 years’ term, the fixed telephony company made network investments to improve the network and provide new services. In beginning of year `96 was established public telephone service of prepaid cards. In year 1997 was realized the use of Optical Fiber cables, a more quality line for international traffic transmission.

Privatization Term

The years 2000 found ALBtelecom in a new phase, that of preparations for privatization. CETEL Telekom, consisting of one of the largest companies in Turkey, Çalik Group (80% of the shares), and Turk Telekom (20% of the shares), purchased 76% of ALBtelecom shares, whereas the remaining share of 24 % is owned by Albanian government and other shareholders.

After a long negotiation procedure, on October 1st, 2007, ÇETEL a.s Company (Ankara), member of CALIK Holding, with headquarters in Istanbul, in consortium with Turk Telekom, became the official owner of ALBtelecom, the giant of fixed telephony, and Eagle Mobile, the third mobile telephony operator.

The year 2004 marked another phase of important developments such as: the implementation of the first phase of Invoicing and Customer Care systems, central internet network expanding and ADSL technology implementation.

Since the privatization of company on September 2007, in addition to providing quality services of fixed telephony and broadband internet, ALBtelecom has made huge investments for setting up a modern network of shops, as well as for total replacement of its infrastructure and network across the country.

The company has invested around 150 million Euro until the end of year 2012, and continues to invest for replacement or expanding of network, increase of capacities throughout the territory, preparation of infrastructure, for latest technology services, and enhancement of service infrastructure etc. ALBtelecom has over 850 employees throughout Albania, and a network of over 80 shops in its own structure, and more than 2000 points of sails.

ALBtelecom Optical Fiber Backbone Network is stretched and covers the entire territory of Albanian cities. All devices of ALBtelecom transmission are connected by optical fiber in Ring Topology network to enable and guarantee data services like telephony, Internet, IPTV data, xDSL etc. Ring network serves to connect an active transmission device with two different directions of physical optical fibers (OF). In case of a physical damage of FO`s one direction, then the information that is being transmitted changes the way in the second backup direction to reach the destination.

ALBtelecom optical fiber network reaches over 3000 km throughout the territory of the country, out of which 600 km are international network connected with neighboring countries. The company had only 500 km optical fiber when it was privatized in year 2007.

ALBtelecom is in continuous search of new opportunities and areas for investments and provision of contemporary services.

Even nowadays, the company is making continuous investments for replacement and expanding of network, increase of capacity throughout territory, preparation of latest technology services infrastructure etc., in framework of strategic plans it has for the introduction of new products, increase the number of subscribers throughout Albania, and development of information and communication technologies, especially the Internet.

Thanks to these investment within a short period of time it was significantly increased the quality of fixed telephony and internet services, as well as the increase of new economic offers and packages for the customers. The communication network is totally transformed within a short time due to investment, from traditional communication to the new digital, interactive, dynamic and suitable for the latest services.

ALBtelecom`s main priority is customer care and application of technology innovations. The company is already characterized by a new and dynamic structure, fully focused customers and their satisfaction, both for quality of provided services and application of reasonable prices.

The target of ALBtelecom is to provide contemporary services to Albanian citizens and to transform Albania into the main center of information technology and telecommunications in region. ALBtelecom is, through Albanian Internet Exchange Point (AIXP), the first and the only in the region that enables a faster and cheaper internet. The application of this technology is the first and the only in the region that provides faster internet at low cost. The application of this technology opens the way of country towards digitalization and application of latest services.

ALBtelecom has the potentiality to provide and adapt the ideal solutions to business sector and domestic enterprises, starting from professionals, medium or large businesses, public and private sector, through fixed telephony service, ADSL internet service, Dedicated Internet Access, Intranet, ISDN service, Leasing Optical Fibers, LAN Connection, etc.

Eagle Mobile, a brand within ALBtelecom since year 2013

In March 2011 started the merging process of ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile, operating as two different companies despite being part of a package. In February 2013, ALBtelecom took possession of mobile company, Eagle Mobile, which was transformed into a brand within ALBtelecom. The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) granted to ALBtelecom the license of transfer allowing this company to offer products and services of fixed telephony and broadband internet, as well as products and services of mobile telephony and mobile broadband internet under Eagle Mobile trademark.

Merging of mobile company Eagle Mobile within ALBtelecom helps consumers whom desire to have incorporated all telephony and internet services and products. Merging of companies, which is nothing but a practice of developed countries, has wiped out differences between fixed telephony and mobile technology, in compliance with customers’ needs, by transforming as such the communication into an accessible service by all.

In March 2008 Eagle Mobile started the official activity of communication. This operator broke the record by entering in Albanian telecommunication market in March 2008. Within a very short time of 6 months Eagle Mobile covered the entire territory, by exceeding all speed limits and expectations. Actually the company covers 98.5% of the country's population and 92.5% of territory. The third operator helped market liberalization. With coming of it, the prices decreased by over 40%. For the first time, Eagle brought EDGE technology to Albanians, 2.5G mobile internet service technology, whereas the company uses actually LTE Advanced, the latest and fastest technology in Albania. The Dual–Carrier HSPA + system used by Eagle Mobile is planned to avoid the decrease of mobile internet capacity speed in peak hours. On 04.04.2014 ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile introduced to public the unified new brand in Amaranth color and the new image of company.

Company and Telecommunication Milestones

December 5, 1912 – The Ministry of Post Telegraph Telephones was established.

1921 – The first manual telephone central office with 200 numbers is installed.

1930 – A new automatic departmental telephone central with 150 numbers and cable network restricted only for the connection of ministries and other central institutions is added to Tirana.

1947 – The first public telephone central is mounted in Tirana with 800 numbers; teletype devices are mounted in several districts of the country and the first course is opened with the best technicians of the time.

1955–1960 – 4000 numbers are added to the Tirana central and new automatic centrals are mounted in the main cities of the country like Shkodra, Gjirokastra, Korça, etc. a process which finishes in all cities and districts of the country in 1983.

December 3, 1973 – The telephone connection of all the villages in the country is completed, a system mainly based on air lines and in some areas on cable network.

1978 – The first automatic telegraph central is set into operation, containing 200 numbers, crossbar technology, produced by Ericsson and ensured entrance of telegraph offices into Gentex automatic transmission, later to be upgraded by the telex electronic central of the French production Sagem.

1990 – The first two digital local centrals, produced by “Italtel”, are set into operation in Tirana (3000 numbers) and in Durres (2000 numbers).

1992 – “Telekomi Shqiptar” is established as a state enterprise providing telecommunications services to fixed network

1994 – “Telekomi Shqiptar” signs contracts with the company Alcatel for installing 66 thousand telephone numbers, and with the company Sirti for the construction of the interurban transmission network, based on the SDH technology with optical fibers and radio relay.

1996 – Albania became part of a fiber optic network: Germany–Austria–Croatia –Albania –Greece.

1999 – Posta Shqiptare sh.a. and ALBtelecom sh.a. became joint stock companies.

March 2004– ALBtelecom is granted the license for the third GSM operator: “Eagle Mobile”.

2007 – Çalik Holding and Turk Telecom acquire 76% of ALBtelecom shares.

March 2008 – The third mobile telephony operator Eagle Mobile starts operation. Eagle Mobile reaches 97.8 % population coverage and 90.8% territory coverage.

2010 – International access through international fiber optics. Over 10GB/s transmitted by the fiber system in all directions.

2011 – 2.000 km fiber optics installed through backbone system throughout Albania.

2012 – Completion of technological transformation to ensure high speed broadband data through Xdsl. Development of CISCO technology central network.

December 17, 2012 – “Eagle Mobile” is granted the third individual authorization for the provision of 3G services.


- ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile merged in one company,
- Fiber extension to urban areas (Fiber to Home);
- Launch of 3 G service through fiber connections;
- Wi–Fi offered in urban areas


- March – Launch of VDSL
- April – ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile introduced the new unified brand to the public in amaranth color and the new image of the company.
- April – ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile launched IPTV services, becoming thus the first company in Albania able to provide converged fixed telephony, broadband Internet, mobile and TV services.

Last Update: 23 December 2016