The largest Mobile and Fiber network in Albania, with maximum coverage and speed in every corner of the country!

ALBtelecom and ONE are the first operators that have enabled communication in Albania!

Now they come together to bring the best of both to the market, to offer subscribers a superior communication experience.

ALBtelecom's fixed network, with the most solid fiber optic infrastructure in the country, connecting 85% of municipalities, is the best choice for Albanians. ALBtelecom has a history of 110 years, enriched year after year with a wide range of Internet, IPTV and fixed line products and services.

ONE's mobile network, with Evolved 4G+ technology, good and secure as never before, offers the widest coverage in Albania, internet speed OF up to 1 Gbps, and maximum voice quality in calls through VoLTE. After more than 25 years in the market, ONE comes stronger, and with the most advanced technologies, ready to give subscribers the best quality communication.

We listen to you, support you, accompany you everywhere, with quality and professionalism.

"ONE's mobile network is rated in 2021 for the best customer experience in Albania, as it offers the best broadband coverage and the highest download speed from the Internet according to international standards. All citizens benefit from 4G+ technology and its security. ALBtelecom's Fixed Network is rated as the network with the widest fiber coverage, which guarantees an incomparable experience for Internet, IPTV and fixed. One and ALBtelecom are determined to continue their investments to be confirmed as the first choice for combined communication in Albania".​

Emil Georgakiev, Executive Director

Experience ALBtelelecom and One Network with:

  • 98.5% 4G coverage, widest in Albania
  • 85% fiber presence
  • The highest 4G+ download speed of up to 1.2 Gbps on mobile, and 1 Gbps on landline
  • 7X better indoor coverage
  • VoLTE voice quality and speed, anywhere
  • Best internet browsing speed
  • Higher video playback performance
  • The most secure network

Discover the latest offers and experience the ALBtelecom & ONE Network:

*The network with the largest coverage in Albania refers to One's Mobile and ALBtelecom's Fiber Networks, part of the 4iG group.

*1,2 Gbps speed has been registered at the National Arena stadium, tested under the conditions of an optimal configuration of One network and 4G+ technology on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

*Optical fiber coverage refers to the current presence in over 85% of the country’s region.

Last Update: 23 December 2016