Career in ALBtelecom

We appreciate our human capital

We offer a full range of high quality services in terms of human resources and strive to sustainably and continuously improve the process. We stand for transparent communication and collaboration in the workplace. Our basic services and our competencies include recruiting and selecting staff, relationships between employees, organizational development, employee training and development, management of benefits, as well as payroll and HR information management.
Our HR strategy is the development of an efficient organization, adaptable and capable of a culture of innovations, of a performance with extensive involvement at all levels, as well as a climate that fosters personal and professional development.


Our expectations
If you are an experienced professional or a new high-potential professional who persistently works with motivation, then our company is the right place for you!

What we offer
Join us and seize the opportunity to work for the largest company in Albania; with a competitive salary and unique benefits. You will have an open path to your career, possibility of promotion and/or transfer opportunities in different fields of business.


We are determined to help students put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in school, and help them walk their next step from academic to professional life. We encourage you to apply by sending the following documents to our email address

  • Your Curriculum Vitae (Europass format is recommended);
  • An official request by the university with the name of the applicant/s, which should include the time period of practice (internship) as well;
  • A list of assessment grades;

What we expect
In order for you to qualify for a practical period in our company, you must have a GPA (grade point average) of 80%; you must be fluent in English, motivated, good at multitasking, and very organized and detail-oriented.

What we offer
An opportunity to gain practical knowledge in your area of ​​interest in one of the biggest companies in Albania; a very friendly environment, with helpful people around you; a clear opportunity to see how large companies are organized and how they develop their daily work; and the last, but not the least, the opportunity to start a career with us.

Last Update: 23 December 2016