Site Acquisition Specialist

Our Company is looking for energetic, high potential, self-motivated and high-integrity individuals to join our team.

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Purpose of the position:

The purpose of Site Acquisition is dealing with the issues occurred from the start of the negations with the property owners to enter to legal relationship for the placement of the antenna and its equipment’s and continuing with making sure of fulfilling all the responsibilities and duties in this regard, sorting the problems out relating to access the site and payment process and preparing all the legal necessary documents for the application of respective permits.


  • Collect all invoices regarding rent payments;
  • Coordinate with Site Owners and Finance Department the payment process;
  • Following Notary Declarations on Payment Recipient's Account No' Change;
  • Follow and close Building Permits Taxes issues;
  • Follow and fix Road Access Issues;
  • Solve Site Access Issues;
  • Keeping track of payments' deadlines;
  • Negotiates on New SA Contracts, or old SA Contracts Renewals;
  • Follow and complete the Sites Environmental & Building Permits needs;


  • Good knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Very good command of English language
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Have very good skills on communication, correctness and site permissions regulation.


  • At least two years’ experience as lawyer on a mobile operator or real estate companies.


  • Bachelor Degree in Law.

Interested candidates should apply through .

Deadline of application is November 16th, 2020

We will be glad to interview all candidates selected from the CV screening.


Last Update: 21 October 2020