Code of Business Ethics

ALBTELECOM CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS is an overview of fundamental company policies and regulations guiding our relationship with each other and with our stakeholders.

This Code is our guiding framework and tool to keep Albtelecom perception as a trusted partner, to conduct business responsibly and to remind all of us in Albtelecom that every action is important. These instructions are the foundation of how Albtelecom operates, and they help to guide us in maintaining trust and credibility with our customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Operating with integrity, transparency and responsibility characterizes the way Albtelecom conducts business. Performing through an ethical business conduct is a high priority for Albtelecom. Our Code of Business Ethics is our promise to operate with honesty and truthfulness in our dealings with and communication to the market.

We expect that everyone, from the members of the Administration Board to each individual working at and for Albtelecom, will be held accountable for meeting these standards and will operate in accordance with the principles set forth in this Code. This Code is equally applied to consultants and individuals whose work is the functional equivalent of that performed by company employees such as subcontractors and private contract workers.

Being part of Albtelecom requires that each and every individual accept responsibility. Therefore, each and every individual shall commit in adhering to this Code of Business Ethics by contributing to Company’s commitment to conducting business responsibly including:

  • Being responsible corporate citizens;
  • Respecting human rights;
  • Ensuring health and safety;
  • Encouraging sustainable development.

This Code also contains rules and guidelines for:

  • Ensuring compliance at all times with applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Protecting and properly using the company assets;
  • Protecting information;
  • External communication;
  • Seeking guidance and reporting.

Click here to Albtelecom Code of Business Ethics (pdf 762 KB).

If you wish to report a violation, raise a question or concern in regard to this Code, you are encouraged to:

Rruga "Muhedin Llagami" Kompleksi "Square 21", Tirana, Albania

Last Update: 23 December 2016