General Assembly

The decision-making body of the Company is the General Assembly of the Shareholders which consists of all Shareholders of the Company.

The Shareholders of the Company are as follows:

The Shareholders of Albtelecom Sh.a. are registered in the Share Ledger of the Company.

The General Assembly is convened by the Administration Board or by the Administrator, or when so required by Law or the Articles of Association.

The call of the General Assembly is notified to the Shareholders by its publication in an Albanian national daily newspaper which is distributed country wide, and also in the website of the Company. The notification of the General Assembly is served no later than 21 days from the date of its notified meeting. The General Assembly is chaired by the Company’s Administrator or, in his place, by a shareholder appointed by the General Assembly (“Chairman of the Meeting”). The Chairman of the Meeting appoints a Secretary of the meeting, who may or may not be a shareholder.

The General Assembly is held at least once a year, not later than 6 months from the end of the fiscal year.

The General Assembly is convened for all matters as provided by the Commercial Law, especially as provided by its Article 136 of the Law on the Commercial Companies. Among such matters are included:

  • Approval of Company’s Annual Financial Statements and business progress reports;
  • Appointing and dismissing the Independent Auditor/s;
  • Appointing / re-electing the Administration Board; Modification of the number of the Administration Board ;

The Shareholders may be represented in the meeting by their representatives through Authorizations or Special Power of Attorney.

Last Update: 23 December 2016