ALBtelecom in support of business climate improvement in Albania

ALBtelecom supported the Foreign Investors Association in Albania (FIAA) on the Business Breakfast with the participation of three government ministers in the fields of Energy, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, Agriculture, Mr. Niko Peleshi and Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Sonila Qato.

ALBtelecom considers its involvement in these events as part of the mission of improving the dialogue between government and business and improving the business climate in general.

The Business Breakfast was organized with the presence of key government ministers representing key sectors such as: Protection of Entrepreneurship, Energy, Justice, Infrastructure, Agriculture etc.

Part of the "ALBtelecom" table was the Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Sonila Qato, Chairman of the Board of ALBtelecom, Mr. Giuseppe Farina, CEO of ALBtelecom, Mr. Tahsin Yılmaz, CEO of BKT, Mr. Seyhan Pencablıgil, as well as guests and business partners of the company.

During the meeting was underlined the fact that successful partnership and absorption of new investments start with the treatment of current investors in our country and that strategic investments together with the implementation of contracts with potential foreign entrepreneurs will always be a priority of the government.

Last Update: 14 November 2017