ALBtelecom is honored with the award “Best Telco Cloud Partnership” during Telco Cloud Forum held in London.

The largest annual event of cloud technology, known as Telco Cloud Forum was held on the 25th and 26th of April, in London. This event reflects all the developments and innovations offered by telecommunications companies in their respective markets regarding the implementation and continuous updating of Cloud technology.

The annual forum participants are the most important telco companies in the world today, which are a factor in developing and regulating telecommunications markets in Europe and beyond.

Big names like “Telefonica”, “Deutsche Telekom”, “Vodafone”, “Korea Telecom”, “Magyar Telecom”, etc. introduced all the trends and innovations of cloud technology, implemented by the largest providers of telecommunications companies in their markets.

Also, as it occurs in such international events, various experts, and top representatives of the companies discussed and provided solutions and ideas about the trends and expectations of cloud technology for the time being.

ALBtelecom was part of the event, not only as a leader of the country where it comes from, but also to introduce the latest Cloud developments that it currently offers in the Albanian market as well as the innovations it has brought in this small but competitive market. The forum, among other things, has five important awards on its agenda, which are divided into five distinct categories, one of which is “Best Telco Cloud Partnership”.

ALBtelecom applied to this category for the best cloud solutions that it already offers in Albania, and such application resulted in announcing ALBtelecom as the only winning company in the region.

Last Update: 10 May 2017