ALBtelecom supports General Inspectorate in the objectives of digitalizing the inspection process through an electronic system

ALBtelecom company, as the largest company in telecommunications market in Albania, is committed for months to carry out professionally the priorities of General Inspectorate as the core institution for supervision and regulation of inspection activity in the Republic of Albania.

This phase of project which started since autumn of last year, has just been completed with the signing of Contract for Internet service supply to 500 inspection groups through Wireless USB Modems with SIM card, by marking as such the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership with this institution, in order to create a more favorable business climate with well-informed administrative procedures, and less expensive for businesses.

ALBtelecom has all the necessary infrastructure throughout the country to enable such projects that facilitate the daily work of institutions in public and private sectors, the business and citizens, wherever it is needed, by focusing in its activity the modernization and digitalization of electronic services to broad public.

The inspectors of State Inspectorates of inspecting bodies, and shortly also the local inspectors of 61 Municipalities of the country, are already carrying out online inspections throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania through electronic system "e-Inspection through portable packages and wireless USB modems, and the most important thing is that inspection teams will be identified to inspection entities (business) only through the inspector`s card approved by General Inspector.

ALBtelecom is a unique company in telecommunications market in Albania, offering the widest and most modern range of technological solutions and electronic, fixed and mobile services, Internet and other broadband data communications, as well as ALBTv services, all in one single package.

Last Update: 25 May 2017