To the Shareholders of Albtelecom SH.A.

Albtelecom Sh.a. (“Albtelecom” or the “Company”) is an Albanian Joint Stock Company, with its address at Autostrada Tirane – Durres, Km 7, Kashar, Tirana, Albania, registered with the Tirana District Court’s Decision Number 20820, dated February 16, 1999, with identification number NUIS J61824053N (Web:

By way of this publication we inform the Shareholders of Albtelecom on the next meeting of the General Assembly of the Company, as per below:

Venue: Albtelecom Sh.a., Headquarters, Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, Km 7, Kashar, Shqipëri;

Date 27/07/2017

Time: 10:00

The Agenda for this Meeting is proposed as follows:

  1. Approval of the increase of the share capital of Albtelecom with a total amount of of 3,250,000,000.00 ALL by issuing 3,250,000 new shares, for a price equal to the nominal value, amounting to 1,000.00 ALL per share, which after subscription ought to be paid: (a) by cash payment in the bank account communicated by Albtelecom’s representative; and/or (b) by conversion of existing debts to new shares, under the conditions and terms as specified in the Administrator’s Report;
  2. Approval of the procedure on the exercise of pre-emption rights for the existing Shareholders of the Company pro-rata to their participation in the share capital of Albtelecom, following two offering phases (the first phase within 15 days following the publication of the Decision of the General Assembly with the National Business Center, and the second phase within 3 days following closing of the first phase);
  3. Approval of the Administrator’s Report, the Prospectus, and the Expert’s report;
  4. Authorization of the Administrator of Albtelecom to execute all required steps for the completion of the capital increase as it is described in the Administrator’s Report,
  5. Miscellaneous

At any moment upon this publication, the Company’s Share Ledger, the Administrator’s Report, the Prospectus, the Expert Report, as well as any other document related to the capital increase are at the disposal of the Shareholders and may be freely consulted, in the Legal, Regulation and Competition Office, at the Headquarters’’ address: Autostrada Tirane- Durres, Km 7, Kashar, Albania, by contacting Mr. Ervin Shpori, Chief Legal, Regulation and Competition Officer of Albtelecom sh.a and Secretary of the Meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Tahsin Yilmaz

Administrator of Albtelecom sh.a.

Last Update: 3 July 2017