Interview with the Chief of Commercial Group in ALBtelecom, Mr. Ömer Kuyucu

ALBtelecom shakes up the market with new mobile packages

Addressing demand for more Internet, competitiveness toward a uniform offer, focus on young people and their passion for social media. These are some of the secret ingredients of ALBtelecom newest products recipe.

1 ALBtelecom has launched new products for the mobile market. You have even stated publically that you have tailored products as a response to people's reactions on social networks. What did you discover from the feedback you received? What are the benefits for consumers?

Before launching each new product, there are a lot of discussions and analysis. In this case we strongly believe that we have been attentive and have heard the voice of consumers about the problems that the mobile market had.

Nowadays, the demand for communications is different and in regard to this many-side variety and dynamism, the offer on the market was very uniform. Our intervention with new products is innovative and competitive.

First, we ensured to achieve a full categorization of customers, where no one is excluded and everyone can find the package with the suitable mobile communication units.

We paid the necessary attention to satisfy low-budget customers' expectations by offering two ALL 500 packages, the most economical ones in the market, reflecting two levels of customer needs, phone calls or the internet.

Another group of very important consumers for us are young people. This consumer segment has different requirements from other age groups because they are avant-garde in technology and require communication through more gigabytes. There is a revolution happening with the new packages we offer for this category, where the available internet level is incomparably high in the market. But we did not stop there. For young people who are also highly active in social media we have provided an absolute novelty in the market, free access to FB, Instagram and WhatsApp up to 10 gigabytes.

Our market response offering these new products, which offer distinction in the market, is in line with our approach, starting from the establishment of the Eagle Mobile operator, where we brought competition in a controlled market offering economic prices. The mission of ALBtelecom continues to be the same. We want to give everyone the opportunity to access technology and enrich communication with the most competitive prices.

  1. You mentioned “revolution with the products”. Can you present any other unique feature of your products that are not found in the market?

We offer a unique service such as ALBtv Mobile, Mobile TV, and now for Super packages is offered free of charge, for each ALL 1,200 package and more. Also, we are the only ones in the market that offer international minutes starting from ALL 1,000 package.

3. How did the customers perceive these products? What is the most popular product so far?

There was an immediate reaction, quite positive confirming that we have correctly perceived the market concern. Having launched new mobile products, the activation of the new packages was increased, where the most requested packages are those dedicated to young people.

ALBtelecom believes in democratizing internet, making information available for all. And for this ALBtelecom now delivers the largest amount of internet within the packages in the market.

  1. These are difficult times for telecommunication market with prices of telecommunication products going down, company’s profits dropping and customer’s increased needs for data services and higher quality. How is ALBtelecom prepared for these multiple challenge? Was this the right timing to lower prices?

From the first days of mobile service delivery, we played a challenging role in the market by shattering a controlled market through the competition. In 2008 with the launch of our products in the mobile market we have managed to reduce prices with up to 85%. Even today, we carry out the same challenge, at a time when the market is more mature, with the constant mission to always be a step forward with the aim of making technology accessible for everyone.

We are constantly looking for products and services that maximize values for our customers, by bringing the right product to every customer, in order to offer the best quality service and flexibility for our customers.

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Last Update: 8 November 2017