ALBtelecom, contributions for a successful school year for children of "Zyber Hallulli" orphanage

During this year, ALBtelecom has supported about 120 children of orphanages in school age with books, internet and free communication throughout Albania. After Shkodra and Saranda, the next stop was the "Zyber Hallulli" orphanage in Tirana

The start of the new school year brings a lot of emotion and new dreams to every pupil, therefore ALBtelecom to fulfill somehow the wishes and needs of school-age children at the Zyber Hallulli orphanage in Tirana, contributed in satisfying the needs for clothes for the beginning of the new school year. ALBtelecom, as one of the telecommunications companies in Albania paying special attention and importance to social responsibility, provided free Internet and communication for this orphanage for a year.

The Head of Corporate Affairs at ALBtelecom, Ms. Jonilda Filipi said that the purpose of this campaign was to combine the contribution with books to enhancing children’s skills and education, but also the Internet as an element that will facilitate development in technology field.

"Knowledge and school will help you have a better future and you can succeed by truly trusting yourself, working every day to achieve the most beautiful things in life." addressed Ms. Filipi the children who were present in activity.

For the Director of the "Zyber Hallulli" Orphanage Ms. Adelina Albrahimi, the gifts offered by ALBtelecom make the children feel happy and concluded her word by adding that:

"I feel very happy and I seize the opportunity to thank you on behalf of all children for your presence here today and for the continued social contribution that this company has given for this orphanage. Thanks to ALBtelecom's investment, we have the opportunity to enjoy the cinema which was reconstructed a few years ago, and today we pleasantly start the new school year with lots of gifts from you."

The ALBtelecom Company will continue to offer assistance and support for children, showing that the focus of this company beyond technology continues to be the education of generations.

Last Update: 27 September 2018