ALBtelecom donates books and communication to the Orphanage of Saranda

With the mission to support the education of children in the age of school part of Orphanages throughout Albania, ALBtelecom donated books and communication to the Orphanage of Saranda. After supporting with books and internet the children of Shkodra Orphanage, the next stop was Saranda.

With the desire to encourage reading in spare time and stimulate independent thinking in these children, ALBtelecom donated books with various educational and entertainment topics, encyclopedias and other gifts for the summer season. In addition to books, ALBtelecom has provided free communication so that all children have the opportunity to maintain ties with their relatives.

With a festive atmosphere organized by ALBtelecom, where didn’t lack music and entertainment, children leafed through the books and shared their joy with each other.

Present at this special day at the Orphanage in Saranda were the Deputy Mayor of Saranda, Mr. Robert Piro and Chief of Commercial Group in ALBtelecom, Mr. Ömer Kuyucu.

The Chief of Commercial Group of ALBtelecom, Mr. Ömer Kuyucu said that ALBtelecom is not only a digital company, but also interested in investing in the knowledge of these children in the traditional way through books.

The ALBtelecom Company will continue to assist and provide support for children, demonstrating that the focus of this company beyond technology continues to be the education of generations.

Last Update: 16 July 2018