ALBtelecom employees donate blood for children with thalassemia

Employees of ALBtelecom in collaboration with Albanian Red Cross have organized a blood donation for children with thalassemia, an initiative that has become an annual tradition for this company. The main headquarters of ALBtelecom turned into a blood donation center, where many employees joined voluntarily so that they can contribute to the needs of children that suffer from this disease.

Representatives of the Albanian Red Cross said that donation is vital for those who are affected by thalassemia, and have a constant need for blood. For this reason, awareness of society to contribute plays an essential role.

According to the Ministry of Health, around 10.7 out of 1000 people donate blood in Albania, whereas the need is estimated at 20 out of 1000. The cities which needs more blood donation are Lushnja and Fier areas. There are around 170 children in with thalassemia in Albania who continuously need blood in order to have a normal life. Every children with this disease needs to take blood every two weeks.

The ALBtelecom employees have given their contribution, a sign of solidarity with people that fighting for life, as everyone has the chance to save a life by donating blood.

Last Update: 20 June 2018