ALBtelecom maintains the advantage of communication with Kosovo

ALBtelecom and Telekom of Kosovo (VALA) have signed an agreement that revives the initiative Roam Like Home, for their customers. Following the excellent cooperation between ALBtelecom and Telekom of Kosovo (VALA), this renewed agreement was signed to bridge the barriers of communication between Albania and Kosovo.

For ALBtelecom signed the General Director Mr. Tahsin Yilmaz and for Telecom of Kosovo signed Mr. Trim Musliu, General Director.

This agreement has enabled millions of Kosovo and Albania citizens to speak without limitations. By this agreement, the costs of communication between the operators have been considerably reduced, bringing in the respective markets, innovations into the commercial offer and enabling the use of packages similar to the national ones in the Roaming service plan.

Benefits extend to all communication tools used by digital age clients, both in voice and text messaging, but especially accessing internet in 4G networks. Through this agreement, ALBtelecom and Telekom of Kosovo (VALA), precede the Roam Like Home initiative within European Union countries, making this initiative real for their subscribers. The subscribers of both operators expressed satisfaction with the initiative, shown in the growing number of customers who use Roaming service on both sides of the border with the same tariffs as their network.

Last Update: 23 November 2018