ALBtelecom seeking an innovative idea through

In the era when technology is becoming more and more present and innovative in our lives, ALBtelecom believes that every talented young person, with entrepreneurial skills and spirit belongs to a Super generation with the potential for extraordinary contributions. In order to feed, promote the ideas and visions of this super generation, ALBtelecom has prepared the newest platform seeking the most innovative idea called SuperGeneration. Conceived as a contest with innovative ideas, with 3 different phases, which focus on young people, but not only, the platform, gives every interested person the opportunity to apply with his/her innovative idea after being enrolled in the platform.

Ten best ideas will be presented to the public through videos and among them will be voted for the best idea. The second phase will be the organization of a Hackathon day where applicants can be organized and work in teams and will be trained by passionate mentors of the field to develop their idea and learn to put it into practice.

The third phase will consist of presenting developed, enriched start-up ideas where a jury consisting of VIP and professional representatives will announce the winning idea of ​​the top 10 ideas.

Financial prizes of EUR 2,000, public price of EUR 500 and many other gifts, but above all extraordinary expertise and knowledge sources from a highly diversified expertise group that will transform the most potential ideas and visions into market products, community or society solutions, or start-ups with a future.

SuperGeneration, an excellent exploration platform, brings together the latest methods of identifying new talents and opens the doors to a promising future for all the talented people who will become part of it.

Today at the premises of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, was organized the event of launching the competition, attended by the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Arbjan Mazniku, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Shpati Kolgega, Rector of Polytechnic University of Tirana Prof. Dr. Andrea Maliqari, representatives of ALBtelecom and many students and guests.

In this project ALBtelecom assembles synergies and pro bono contributions of some partners, state and private institutions such as BKT, Pepsi, PWC, Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and Ministry of Education. Also supporters of the SuperGeneration are two international organizations of young entrepreneurs: Start up Weekend and Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Hurry up to become one of the winners of the SuperGeneration competition. Applications are open until December 12, 2018. For more information visit and get familiar with the stages and details that interest you.

Last Update: 14 November 2018