ALBtelecom supports discussions of the Blockchain Western Balkans community in Tirana

ALBtelecom supported the organization of the Blockchain Community Meet-Up Discussions held in Protik Center where technology enthusiasts gathered together to discuss the strengths and opportunities for application of this technology. Along with the use of crypto currency transactions, blockchain technology is also found to be quite innovative in other areas of technology.

At this meeting between community members and fans of the technology , Artiona Bogo, founder of Blockchain Western Balkans, presented community work during the year. Participants with their presentations were Armand Brahaj, software engineer and founder of a series of startup initiatives, Edlira Martiri, lecturer at the Department of Statistics and Computing, Faculty of Economy in the University of Tirana and Ermal Sadiku, CEO of LinkPlus , entrepreneur and engineer with many years of experience in technology.

The main topics on which the speakers and attendees were focused, consisted of the importance of using the Blockchain, the way of functioning of this decentralized technology, qualified as a revolutionary one.

ALBtelecom, as one of the most important telecommunications companies in the country, continues to be a connecting and stimulating bridge of youth’s innovative ideas.

Last Update: 28 December 2018