ALBtelecom employees continue their dedication to children with thalassemia by donating blood.

ALBtelecom has been active for several years on highly sensitive social issues that require special attention. Continuing its dedication to the cause of children that suffer from thalassemia for the fourth year in a row, ALBtelecom organized in its headquarters a campaign of awareness and blood donation, respecting all health conditions for donating volunteers under the care of specialist doctors, in cooperation with the Albanian Red Cross.

With this multi-year initiative, turned into one of the main pillars of ALBtelecom's social responsibility, it is aimed to create a wider impact and cooperation with other partners who want to join this cause.

ALBtelecom, through its representatives, stated that blood donation is essential and vital for those suffering from thalassemia, who have constant dependence on blood.

Citing the Ministry of Health’s official source, around 10.7 out of 1000 people donate blood in Albania, whereas the need is estimated at 20 out of 1000. It means that we give 2 times less than the necessary level of blood donation. Referring to this statistic, the purpose of ALBtelecom is to promote this cause to reach the necessary amount of blood donation each year.

The cities which needs more blood donation are Lushnja and Fier areas. There are around 600 children suffering from thalassemia in Albania who continuously need blood in order to have a normal life. Every children suffering from thalassemia needs to take blood every two weeks.

This initiative, organized in the premises of ALBtelecom's headquarters, was voluntarily joined by numerous employees, with the desire to make it not just a charity day per year, but a civic action for the benefit of marginalized communities.

Through this contribution, ALBtelecom employees are mobilized to facilitate the efforts of all those who struggle for life, as anyone can save lives by donating blood.

Last Update: 12 September 2019