ALBtelecom in close collaboration with Posta Shqiptare

ALBtelecom enters into a long-term strategic cooperation with Albanian Post. The purpose of this collaboration is to create increased opportunities for citizens to receive services all over the country.

"We are very pleased to increase the cooperation with Albanian Post, which is an early partner of ALBtelecom, not only being two historic institutions in the field of communication, but also because of their proximity to citizens throughout Albania" – said Mr. Tahsin Yilmaz, Director General of ALBtelecom.

On the other side, the Posta Shqiptare considers this cooperation as crucial for a number of reasons. "Thanks to this collaboration, Posta becomes a One Stop Shop, enabling services to be delivered in one place, which means less queue and more time saved for ALBtelecom clients", - said Mr. Laert Duraj, Administrator of Posta Shqiptare.

Starting from today Posta Shqiptare offers ALBtelecom’s invoice delivery service, as an additional options to ALBtelecom shops and points of sales. ALBtelecom customers will also be able to pay their ALBtelecom fixed, mobile, internet and ALBtv bills at any post office in the country.

In the framework of this strategic cooperation, ALBtelecom and Posta Shqiptare will provide additional benefits to customers throughout Albania in the coming months.

Last Update: 27 September 2019