European Telecommunication CEOs call on EU to focus on new digital services to ensure leadership

ALBtelecom one of the signatories among the largest European companies.

The European Telecom Network Operators association (ETNO) has issued a statement signed by the CEOs of its members to emphasize that the extensive use of next generation digital infrastructure as well as the development of new digital services will be fundamental if Europe is to achieve its ambitious socio-economic goals.

ETNO outlined a number of focus areas to achieve that digital leadership, including an EU-wide industrial policy that enables European businesses to collaborate and compete in the global digital value chain by means of “a stable and sustainable regulatory environment at home, but also fair and balanced rules for competing with global players”. Room should also be made for EU companies to further innovate, especially in data, IoT and AI, said ETNO. “Europe should act in the spirit of partnership among all public and private actors.” – was emphasized in the statement.

Other key objectives include lowering barriers to the rollout of gigabit infrastructures and strongly incentivizing investment as well as the need to actively address the fragmented European telecom market by encouraging investors to build more national and cross-border scale in infrastructure, added the association.

This Statement was also signed by ALBtelecom CEO, Mr. Yilmaz Tahsin among other CEOs of leading companies in Europe such as Deutsche Telecom, Swisscom, Telenor, TIM, Telefonica and other telecommunication companies in Europe.

Last Update: 6 December 2019