ALBtelecom offers access to distance learning through the School Me platform.

In the houses where there is ALBtelecom, knowledge does not stop even in the days of isolation.

Developments in coping with difficult days, caused by the Covid-19 emergency have changed the way we deal with our daily lives and interact with each other. Restrictions on our daily activities have increased the need to stay connected through technology. The education sector is responding to quarantine days through online learning. Knowledge is one of the strongest pillars where it must be invested among generations. Therefore, ALBtelecom has thought to offer its subscribers through the School Me platform the opportunity to invest for free in the development of knowledge for their children, by actively engaging them in the learning process.

In this way, in addition to the RTSH school TV channel, ALBtelecom offers free access to the School Me platform, with didactic programs for children attending the 9-year cycle.

For each ALBtelecom subscriber, the way to become part of the distance learning platform is quite simple, through some instructional steps, after registering onëpia and this works on all devices: smartphone, laptop, pc, tv.

ALBtelecom with a dedicated customer service team will immediately verify each activation and enable your unique code to access the School Me platform, which will be valid until the end of the school year. Also, all ALBtelecom subscribers will be able to navigate for free on the platform, by not spending internet while attending classes online.

School Me brings the lessons in an audio-visual form with images and movies, questionnaires, exercises, labs, supplementary knowledge, notes and enables forums on any learning topic. In this way, staying home does not prevent you from taking classes and being as interactive as you were at school.

Last Update: 28 April 2020