Market shockwave: The ALBtelecom Offer

The Surprise Platform of a New Communication

Each year, the telecommunication industry goes under substantial changes and restructuring.
The mentality remains the same: More convenient prices for quality communication.
Meanwhile the company which preserves the originality of being Albanian in the industry, ALBtelecom has brought this approach even further, by totally renewing their communication and offer in the market.
In our interview done with Chief Commercial Officer of ALBtelecom, Mr. Omer KUYUCU we had the opportunity to discover some of the novelties that this corporation is preparing for their customers.

“ALBtelecom has always been on constant change and adaptation to our clients needs and this time we have brought a whole new platform for their requirements” – responded Mr. Kuyucu to our interest on how is ALBtelecom dealing with the recent changes in the market of telecommunications.

Mr. KUYUCU stated that with this new position in the market, ALBtelecom is setting a new standard; an innovative approach, more inclusive and flexible in delivering a wider variety of products and services.

They are dedicated in delivering their technologically improved products in more reasonable prices, by offering also unlimited internet for their clients!

Mr. Kuyucu also confirmed, what was already informally discussed in the sector, that this improvement in products is made possible also by their major investments in infrastructure undertaken all over Albania. Consequently the ALBtelecom network has seen substantial update in its transmission system, commercial points distribution, full coverage of the terrain, paving the way to apply 5G technology.

Mr. Omer Kuyucu shared with us also an interesting new development, which is the materialization of these major changes in a new voice and Albanian song for their commercial campaigns.

The new ALBtelecom voice is Dojna Mema, a young and celebrated name of the Albanian public.

“Dojna was our teams pick, as we esteem her career as a journalist and we consider her attributes as challenging, energetic and dynamic as distinguished characteristics as a remarkable representative of our times”.

In the meantime the song which is brought in Albanian, is an original creation of Elgit Doda a young and promising new Albanian artist. The song is inspired by Albanian traditional music, reflecting at the best the fact ALBtelecom is an Albanian symbol brand in the country.

“We aim to reflect in this new initiative all the driving inspirations of our clients of every age; from north to south of Albania.”- said Mr. Kuyucu

With the new product portfolio, Albtelecom has once again challenged the conventions and delivered the offers that address the needs and expectations of Albanians, who need more internet with affordable prices and with no hassles.

Remains to be emphasized that ALBtelecom is expending investments in further modernizing its network and improving the quality of the service all over the country.

“We, at ALBtelecom consider being a strong Albanian brand traditionally, as one of our main values. On the other hand we are consistently aiming and investing to deliver highest technological standards and best service for clients that have trusted us in some of the most important services of their daily life such as communication”- said last Mr. Kuyucu, right before playing one more time the new catchy song “By My Side”.

Last Update: 22 October 2020