Who is the celebrity behind the voice of ALBtelecom's 'Amarantia'?

amarantia cover.png

High tech, a mysterious assistant, a special name like Amarantia… these are just some of the exciting elements of the latest commercial spot from ALBtelecom.

It was about a new communication, a new voice, an inspired character by the popular role of rhapsodist, which will provide for ALBtelecom customers modern solutions for their daily needs.

A very intriguing step!

For several times ALBtelecom surprises with original and curious communication formulas for all of us. We wanted to find out more about these developments regarding to the creativity and the offers from the contacts we had with the agency that prepared the elements of this communication platform. The representatives of the agency said that the inspiration for these innovations came from the new offers of ALBtelecom, which enable more favorable prices for a wide range of products and customers, especially with unlimited internet offers.

"Definitely this kind of innovation needs a new aesthetic approach. That is why we intended to create a complete communication platform, to approach the needs of ALBtelecom customers, in every moment of their daily lives.

Part of this platform is also a new voice, which we can reveal is a very interesting and beloved voice for the public, and will bring a new standard to ALBtelecom's relationship with its customers", said the agency’s representative.

On October 15, the ALBtelecom spot was broadcasted on the central screens of our editorial office. Girls and boys are walking together towards a meeting spot with "Amarantia", a holographic character, which will guide ALBtelecom customers with the smartest solutions in using the right packages, at the most affordable prices, for their most important needs: to communicate! "I am so happy when you visit me", says Amarantia to young people, in the voice of Dojna Mema!

Apparently the former famous moderator of Top Channel, has used her time off from the screens, to be part of this major project for ALBtelecom. Dojna, a successful, energetic and challenging journalist seems to be a representative of worthy of her generation, making ALBtelecom's choice a hit to attract the attention of her coevals and admirers.

Dojna, has shared with her followers, this collaboration, in a very original way, by posting a video and inviting everyone to become part of ALBtelecom. "With the times that we are living, restrictions have become boring! At least we have unlimited internet with @albtelecom. ” - she writes, with a sense of humor and a very original promotional video. We wish Dojna success!

While we remain in touch, to expect the following surprises from ALBtelecom.

Last Update: 16 November 2020