A new era for ALBtelecom, Bilgen Aldan first woman as new Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Bilgen Aldan appointment, a prominent Turkish businesswoman signals company's commitment for further expansion and modernization.

ALBtelecom has appointed Ms. Bilgen Aldan, a prominent Turkish businesswoman, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ms. Aldan appointment signals company's commitment for further expansion, consolidation and modernization in the telecom industry.

Mrs. Aldan joins ALBtelecom, after experience in industries such as telecommunication, banking and digital media in Turkey.

Digitalization is one of the defining dimensions of Ms. Aldan’s career. During her tenure, she has leaded and implemented successful strategies, particularly including novelties and avant-garde digital products on the market.

Despite her young age Ms. Aldan has gathered a quite rich management career, including positions of CEO and Board Member for a number of companies. She is a distinguished new entrepreneur in Turkey, and has gathered several awards, among which Fortune Turkey Top 50 Business Woman (2020), Fast Company Digital Leaders (2020), and Turcomoney Top 40 Business Women under 40 (2020).

"I am honored to be joining ALBtelecom, and further advance its path in these challenging times for all.” – said Ms. Aldan – “We aim at increasing our investments and orienting all our services towards full digitalization and a more user-friendly experience for every consumer in the country.”

Ms. Aldan appointment is historic for ALBtelecom, as she is the first woman in this position. The company proudly preserves an inspiring history in terms of gender equality and the promotion of successful women in its workplaces. In this view, the most recent appointment of Ms. Aldan, in the top management, confirms once again this approach and sets a new standard for all business in Albania.

ALBtelecom community is enthusiastic about this new development, considering it an additional motivation to continue the progress made in further modernizing our infrastructure, increase investments, and deliver best services for all Albanians all over the country.

Last Update: 15 February 2021