ALBtelecom at the Tirana Economic Forum: Digitalization as a response to the pandemic

Today's political and economic challenges, under the pandemic conditions were treated during one of the largest regional economic meeting, the Economic Forum of Tirana. Participants in this forum, held digitally due to the pandemic were political representatives such as the Prime Ministers of Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the EU Commissioner for Enlargement.

Among the invited panelists were also representatives of the largest companies in the region, who disclosed their investments and the economic perspective of the countries where they operate as well as the challenges in times of pandemic.

In this forum ALBtelecom was represented by Mrs. Bilgen Aldan, CEO of the company.

Mrs. Aldan started her presentation by underlining the almost 110-year contribution of the company in Albanian society and economy, with clear commitments even for the years that will come. She emphasized the infrastructure of ALBtelecom, as one of the strongest points to guide the ambitions for digitalization of the life of Albanian citizens. Specifically, ALBtelecom owns the largest fiber optic network with about 3,842 km, as well as 38,000 fiber lines GPON all over the country.

According to Mrs. Aldan, ALBtelecom is the largest internet provider in the country, including 8 cross border connections with Italy, Greece, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo, which enable the infrastructural connection of our region with the heart of Europe.

These have made possible for the company to be also the largest employer in Albania, with empowering gender policies, where women represent 60% of the staff.

In her presentation, Mrs. Aldan also highlighted the impact of the pandemic in the country. "During the pandemic period we have noticed an increase of internet consumption by consumers in the fixed network of 43% and we expect this figure to increase even further," said Ms. Aldan, who noted the contribution of ALBtelecom to cope with this growing influx, and maintaining service quality.

"We will respond to the challenges of the pandemic with digitalized initiatives that will facilitate the lives of Albanians all over the country," - she said, underlining that development and innovation will come from the new talents of this country, which ALBtelecom has sustained and will support in the coming years as promoters of development.

Last Update: 17 March 2021