ALBtelecom comes with a dedicated package for seniors!

One of the most affected categories by the risks and difficulties of the past year was the elderly, our parents or grandparents. They were the first to need an increased communication to fulfill even basic daily needs. The services of telecommunication companies were essential for them to stay in touch with their loved ones in the country and abroad.

This year, the first reactions toward these needs come from ALBtelecom, which has decided to be as close as possible to this age group, offering a complete communication package, at the most appropriate price.

This offer comes for only 1000 ALL per month, which includes a General Mobile 8 GO Smartphone with so desirable menu in Albanian language and a manual with practical advice for this age. In this package is reflected the increased need for communication, offering, within the price, 500 national minutes, 2000 minutes toward ALBtelecom fixed and 150 national SMS.

Limitations on our daily activities added to all the necessity of staying connected through technology. Our parents and grandparents especially discovered new opportunities in the network, which often were the favorite windows to spend quality time. Given this necessity, ALBtelecom has included 6GB of internet every month in their communication package.

Health care is also an important dimension of the needs of the elderly. Therefore, ALBtelecom has decided to be as close as possible to this age through its wide network of collaborators and partners, and specifically through ALBtelecom Special platform, it is possible to reduce the expenses in the network of pharmacies “Ditë e Natë” (Day and Night), services in hospitals or dental clinics.

With dedicated innovations and products, adapted to the profile of each customer, ALBtelecom has once again challenged the conventional way of offers, enabling what Albanians need and expect, the request for more internet at favorable prices, as simply as possible.

Last Update: 29 January 2021