ALBtelecom, in synergy with BKT for digitalization of services

ALBtelecom clients can receive 24 hours/ 7 days services through Smart Bankomates of BKT

The rhythm of everyday life puts us in front of challenges in managing our time and activities. We often complain that we do not have time to queue or wait to complete a certain job.

Mr. Burak Yurtsever, Director of the Finance Group at ALBtelecom (Left) Mr. Uğur Tadik, Director of the Financial Technologies Group at BKT.

To facilitate its mobile subscribers who want to top up or activate a package, ALBtelecom in cooperation with BKT, offers a new opportunity to do so through Cardless Transactions at Smart ATMs, in addition to stores or other points of sale, by avoiding queues and saving time.

"This is just one of the innovative services in the field of digitalization that we have undertaken and are going in synergy with BKT."- said Mr. Burak Yurtsever, Director of Finance Group at ALBtelecom.

The customer puts the banknote with the value of the package of ALBtelecom that he wants to activate in one of the BKT ATMs, adds the personal data and the mobile phone number. In this way customers have the opportunity to pay in "cash".

This service is not only for BKT customers.

"Despite all the facilities that this service offers, even if you are not a customer of BKT, anyone can use the Transactions / Recharge without Card in our Smart ATMs, just entering the mobile phone number and make the payment."- explained Mr. Uğur Tadik, Director of the Financial Technologies Group at BKT.

Smart ATM offers customers the opportunity to top up and activate ALBtelecom mobile packages, quickly and at any time, by Card or Cash, for themselves or any other ALBtelecom number. This service will soon be offered throughout all BKT ATM’s network.

The innovations, offers and consecutive products from ALBtelecom are in line with the company's vision to provide digital and innovative services for all Albanians.

Last Update: 11 October 2021