ALBtelecom provides bonus internet for recharges from "My Profile" app

Times have changed and the world is becoming more and more mobile, and so do we.
Nowadays there is a dedicated app for almost everything, such as meeting basic needs, information, and even entertainment. The need to use these apps became even more apparent during the difficult pandemic situation when their use was essential. The use of such applications is widespread among the younger generation, but now they have become a necessity for all age groups. Through them, we can communicate, watch videos with each other, make purchases and make payments, without having to ever leave home, in order to protect ourselves and others.

ALBtelecom's "Profili Im- My Profile" is the app that offers every solution for every family that needs uninterrupted communication and to make payments for the necessary services, just by registering.
In addition to all the facilities offered by the application, ALBtelecom will also reward its customers, who choose to use it to make the necessary recharges.
Now, anyone who recharges their phone from the app will be rewarded with a full 25 GB BONUS internet for the first recharge, and then as many times, they recharge the same way. The first 25 GB bonus is valid for 10 days, while the other top-up bonus is valid for 30 days. Bonuses can be benefited from the number that is recharged, regardless of who does it, through a credit card.
Successive offers and products from ALBtelecom are in line with the company's vision to enable internet and digital and innovative services for all Albanians.

Last Update: 25 August 2021