ICC Albania organizes 3rd edition of the Week of Integrity, based on the Dutch model

The “Week of Integrity” involved 50 activities organised with various partners from businesses, the civil society, the Albanian academia, and focusing on integrity in all walks of life

Integrity in all walks of life was the focus of discussion during the “Leadership for purpose: Embracing Integrity” conference organized in the framework of the third edition of the “Week of Integrity” organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in Albania in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In her opening remarks, the Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce Executive Board and Executive Director of ALBtelecom, Ms. Bilgen Aldan noted that integrity is a common responsibility and mission, at the individual, business organization and state level. Ms. Aldan stressed the role that leaders have in setting standards both in business and in other sectors. “We, the business could be leading the change with more inclusive financial mechanisms, green investments, responsible innovative solutions and by embracing ESG investments (environment, society, governance)” - added Ms. Aldan.

She invited participants and all her colleagues to increase their engagement in such discussions and to provide their capacities as platforms to establish integrity models for young professionals and leaders as well.

Her welcoming speech was followed by the remarks of the Dutch Deputy Ambassador to Albania, Mr. Rogier Nouwen. In his remarks he stressed the importance of integrity values for any private enterprise or public initiative in the society. Mr. Nouwen noted that integrity is built upon the implementation of transparency, accountability, and public life participation values of all actors in the society, at every level. “On our side, we are committed to see the Dutch “Week of Integrity” model applied in the local context through the mobilization of public and private organizations, the academia and civil society” - added Mr. Nouwen in his remarks.

The panel discussion that followed brought together in discussion Ms. Ekaterina Solovova, EBRD Director for Albania, Ms. Katia Stathaki, Executive Director of Vodafone Albania, Mr. Anthonie Frens, Chair of the Shell companies in Albania, Ms. Edlira Muka, Executive Director of Balfin Group and Mr. Miroslav Miletic, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia and representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. The panel participants introduced the latest initiatives undertaken by their companies ranging from environmental to social responsibility and other forms of establishing integrity standards. They presented their experiences as leaders, experts, and business organizations, as models applicable in many other sectors, with the final goal of creating in environment with integrity in which the aspirations of young generations can prosper.

The perspective of young leaders, the young generation that are getting ready to contribute in all walks of life in the future, was presented in the second panel composed of youth organization leaders and experts. They shared some of the challenges and achievements of their daily work, in achieving more integrity and equal opportunities for youth.

More than 50 activities and events will take place during the Third Edition of the Week of Integrity. In fact, these activities target various issues related to the integrity of the society and economy.

Last Update: 3 December 2021