ALBtelecom Business Academy successfully closes with the graduation of 25 young professionals

ALBtelecom Business Academy has graduated 25 of its professionals employees, through a ceremony held at the company's headquarters. ABA is part of the company’s talent management program which focuses on developing the profile of a leader in ALBtelecom.

During the graduation ceremony, the successful completion of the study cycle of the Business Academy for the 6th generation was celebrated, with the participation of the top management of ALBtelecom, lecturers and employees.

CEO of ALBtelecom, Mr. Ervin Shpori announced the award "Best Student" to employee Luna Gaçi, while Mrs. Irida Bonati, Deputy CEO and COO, announced the award of "Best Team" with its members Diana Lami, Eliverta Sinoimeri, Euglena Vranici, Luna Gaçi and Rediana Gjyli, represented by the business project "ALBtelecom ParkON". All students who attended this academy were provided with certified diplomas.

The curricula covered subjects such as Finance, Marketing, Communication, Organizational Behavior, International Relation and Leadership and was delivered by the personalities of the respective subjects, the full program of the Academy consisted of 10 modules and 2 TEDtalk.

ALBtelecom continues to support employees in the field of business through its Academy, thus combining theoretical knowledge with practice.

This natural synergy between students and experienced professors has given a special value to this program.

Last Update: 1 April 2022