Sharing experience with the younger generation

ALBtelecom has launched a new dynamic campaign - ALBtelecom Academic Forums - in support of the younger generation, the country's future professionals.

In the contex of the corporate social responsibility of the company to contribute to the academic field by sharing its perennial experience and the best expertise in the field of telecommunications as well as to enable students to become more familiar with work practice in large corporations, ALBtelecom initiated yesterday the first session of its academic forums at the European University of Tirana.

The students of Masters in Economic Informatics at UET had the opportunity to be presented with the Management Information Systems of ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile. The expert representatives of the Information Technology Group of ALBtelecom, Mrs. Sonila Profile, Vice Director of Business Support Systems Directorate and Mr. Almir Bici, Manager of Demand Management and Analyse Department shared their experience with the students, who at the end of the presentation were allowed some free time for questions and clarifications.

The ALBtelecom Academic Forums Campaign will continue throughout the academic year and will be take place various state and private universities in Tirana.

Last Update: 29 January 2015