Sharing experience with the younger generation

Studentë e Pedagogë të Universitetit Pavarësia në Vlorë vizitojmë ALBtelecom

Pedagogues and students of “Pavarësia” University in Vlora took part in a session of academic forums in ALBtelecom premises in Tirana.

Students from second and third grade who study telecommunications, computer networks and multimedia, paid a visit and they closely observed and heard from a group of professional engineers, telecommunications technicians about the advanced systems the telecom company applies; types of services it offers, types of used antennas, transmission media, proliferation of fixed and mobile signal, analogue or digital transmission, capture and correction of errors, ISDN equipment, satellite connections, GPRS, NGN and TDM system, etc.

The purpose of this visit was to inform about potential ALBtelecom and monitoring some illustrative elements of daily work in a part of the company, along with respective explanations of a technical person.

ALBtelecom academic forums will continue during the academic year, and will be extended to various state and private universities in Tirana, in order to inform and share the modern experience of the company for the new generation.

Last Update: 27 May 2015