Privacy Policy

Dear visitor,

Welcome to official website of Albtelecom sh.a.

Albtelecom sh.a. (“Albtelecom”) is a joint stock company, established under the Albanian laws, with head office at: Autostrada Tiranë – Durrës, Km 7, Kashar, Tiranë, VAT-ID No. J61824053N, registered as taxpayer with the Regional Tax Directorate of Large Taxpayers, Tiranë, providing services in electronic communications, audiovisual broadcasting and re-broadcasting, vocational training etc., in compliance with the licenses and authorizations issued from the relevant state authorities in this regard. (Official Website) is the official website of Albtelecom.

By means of the Official Website, Albtelecom transmits and collects information.

By means of the Official Website, Albtelecom introduces the company and its structure, the products, services, offers, bundles with their relevant tariffs and benefits altogether with the activations and/or registrations therein, different promotions, novations, network and coverage, network of shops, customer service etc.

Also through the Official Website, Albtelecom introduces and provides opportunity for employment, internship, practices, contacts, submission of claims etc.

Albtelecom considers the protection of privacy and personal data issue of crucial importance. Albtelecom is committed in the enforcement of the legal and sub-legal framework protecting and respecting them.

By means of the Privacy Policy, Albtelecom aims to inform the persons visiting Albtelecom website in regard to the method of collection, processing and preservation of the personal data, as well as on the measures undertaken for their security.

All of You that access Albtelecom website agree with the following terms and conditions:

The systems collects standard information in regard to the website usage, clicks on information, articles, sections or columns in this website on the visitors to the Website,

Personal data collected through the Website are processed in line with the purpose of their collection in compliance with the legal and sub-legal framework in force and this policy.

Purpose of the collection of the information.

This information is collected for:

  • statistical and survey purposes (depicting the visits of the visitors, to see which are the most sensitive columns and therefore the interest of the consumers, by not identifying them);
  • analysis purposes for the creation of new products;
  • in the front of and for the execution of the contractual relations between Albtelecom and the subscriber (such as through activation and/or registration to products, services, bundles, online access of service invoice etc.);
  • the obtaining subscribers` approach and/or claims in regard to the products and services;

Also we would like to inform you that in order to provide better qualitative services and to increase the opportunity of attracting professional staff and potential promising candidates, Albtelecom has created in the Website in certain columns such as “Career” (Apply for job / Apply for internship), “Contacts”, etc., application forms where the user is required to fill in personal data.

The user confirms the completion and accuracy of the provided information and declares as well to have filled out correctly and truthfully the entire required information.

Also, upon the online filling of the forms, the user declares that he/she awards his/her consent for further processing of provided information only for the internal use of Albtelecom.

Albtelecom emphasizes that provision of personal data is not mandatory and it is in the wish of the user to voluntarily provide the required information and to further proceed with application for the purpose it is requested for.

The data shall be collected, processed and stored by Albtelecom in full compliance with the provisions of Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On the Personal Data Protection". These actions shall be performed according to the principle of respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental human rights and freedoms and especially the privacy right.

To this front, Albtelecom guarantees a security system for preserving and further processing of these data, in full compliance with the provisions of Law no. 9887, dated 18.03.2014 "On the Personal Data Protection".

CONTACT. Subjects of personal data are entitled to demand access to their data as well as to require their correction or update in compliance with the requirements of article 13 and 18 of Law 9887 dated 10.3.2008 « On the personal data protection ». Request can be submitted to

LINKS. Albtelecom website may contain links of any other website, or which redirects you to another website. Albtelecom shall not be responsible for the content of these websites and you are kindly required to read the relevant declarations/policies of privacy in these websites.

OTHERS. Albtelecom reserves the right to change or modify at any time this policy, pursuant to any possible amendment of legislation on personal data protection and privacy.

Last Update: 23 December 2016