Terms and conditions for contests on social media


If you are going to participate in the contest, then it is assumed that you have read these terms and conditions and have agreed to them in advance.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not proceed, as otherwise it will be taken for granted that you agree to these terms and conditions.

All users must be individually identified as an independent user with the appropriate username and email address (hereinafter referred to as "You")

Terms and Conditions for the Online Contests/giveaways

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Online Contests/giveaways carefully.

If you are going to participate in the Contest, then it is assumed that you have read these terms and conditions and have agreed to them in advance.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not proceed, as otherwise it will be taken for granted that you agree to these terms and conditions.

  • This Contest is conducted by Albtelecom sh.a with TIN J61824053N.
  • This contest takes place on the official website of ALBtelecom on facebook / instagram.
  • The contest will take place along the time frame specified in the descriptive text of the publication of the contest on the respective official websites.
  • The winner(s) will be announced at the end of the Contest.
  • The selection of the winner(s) will be based on the mechanism specified in the descriptive text of the contest announcement (on the official facebook / instagram pages.
  • The winner(s) will receive a gift that is specified in advance in the descriptive text of the contest announcement ("Prize").
  • The prize cannot be withdrawn by third parties (except when the third party is the authorized person or legal guardian) who have not won, nor can it be converted into a cash refund.
  • The opportunity to participate in this Contest is open to all users of social networks, but the winners must be ALBtelecom subscribers, or port-in their number to ALBtelecom before withdrawing the prize.
  • By performing the relevant actions to participate in the Contest, You as a User have given your approval to participate in this Contest by automatically accepting the rules and mechanism of this Contest. In case of requests of users not to be included in this Contest, ALBtelecom will not include them in the selection made for the announcement of winners.
  • Each participant in this Contest expressly acknowledges that ALBtelecom may process their personal data in accordance with the Law "On Personal Data Protection".
  • Each user can be declared a winner only once during the duration of the Contest, although they may be winners several or more times.
  • If you want to take part in the Contest:
    • You must have a personal email account;
    • You must be over the age of 18 on the date you will be attending;
    • You must enter the dedicated page of the Contest on the official website;
    • You must read and accept these Terms and Conditions of this Contesti;
    • You must meet the requirements expressly provided in the contest descriptive text;
    • In case the requirement in the descriptive text is to upload a video, the video of each participant should not be longer than 30 seconds and should not contain accompanying audio;
    • If the requirement in the descriptive text is to upload a photo / video, the photo / video must be original and previously unreleased;
    • The photo / video must not contain images or have participants of persons under 18 years of age;
    • The photo / video should not contain inappropriate content or images which include, but are not limited to, violence, use of weapons, sexual intercourse, etc., should not contain, imply, incite any kind of violence, use of force, exploitation, political propaganda , ethnic, racial, and / or religious, to favor or encourage the use of weapons of any kind, psychotropic and narcotic substances, tobacco, alcohol, etc.;
    • The photo / video should not contain images which make the persons participating in it identifiable, in case there are participating persons.
  • An exception from participating in this Competition:
    • Employees of ALBtelecom sh.a. and their families;
    • Subscribers of Business and Institutions category.
  • If the photo / video contains images, participation and / or recordings of persons who are / make themselves identifiable, then each person participating in the photo / video must have been informed and their prior written approval obtained with their free will and full, to be a participant in the video / photo, approval which must be made available to ALBtelecom at any time that ALBtelecom deems reasonable by you as a user and participant of the Contest. Otherwise, the video / photo will be disqualified and you will be responsible for any damage and loss caused to ALBtelecom in this regard.
  • Each participant has the right to participate only once in this Contest with a photo / video. In case it is proven that a user has participated more than once, only the photo / video uploaded for the first time will be considered.
  • CAREFUL! Photos / videos must be taken by you or by someone authorizing you to use it. In case it is noticed that a photo / video has been taken from the internet, from other sources, or in case of photos / videos for which it is noticed that you do not have copyright or on which third parties claim copyright to ALBtelecom or related rights, then the photo / video will not be published and / or as a result will be automatically disqualified from the Contest.
  • The moment you enter the Contest and are declared the winner, you agree to waive any rights in relation to the photo / video taken, except those that are non-transferable under copyright and related rights legislation. with them, from the right to use, or reuse it for other purposes, in whole or in part, in any form or media, from any present or future claim against ALBtelecom in connection with the above and ALBtelecom will have to right to use it in its sole discretion.
  • By uploading the photo / video on the official website of ALBtelecom, you declare and guarantee that the photo / video is free from any claim or right of third parties, and that you are the author, or the authorized person and have all the rights to to use, dispose of and possess the photo / video freely in accordance with the object of this Contest and you have informed and obtained the prior written approval of the persons participating in it, if any and if they are identifiable. Otherwise, you will be liable for any damages and losses caused to ALBtelecom in this connection.
  • CAREFUL! Photos / Videos uploaded by the Participants in the Contest will be moderated by the site administrators before they become part of the Contest, to verify their compliance with the norms of ethics and morality, the rules of the Contest and the legislation in force. The administrators of the Contest website have the right to decide in their discretion at any time not to accept photos / videos in the Contest, or to remove them when they are in violation of applicable law, rules and norms of morality and ethics.
  • You are informed and agree that ALBtelecom:
    • may refuse to award the prize if it finds that the terms of this Regulation have not been complied with, or if the winner is the result of an irregularity or fraud.
    • there is no responsibility for the photo / video that is sent / uploaded by you on the page / on behalf of the official website of ALBtelecom to be part of this Contest.
    • assumes no responsibility if the site is not accessed for reasons that do not depend on ALBtelecom.
    • eserves the right to change the duration of the Competition by notifying in advance through the official website.
    • reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. ALBtelecom may also create new rules, which may be applied during the course of the Competition or cancel it for major reasons. If ALBtelecom will issue new terms and conditions, or for any reason cancel this Contest, all participants will be informed in advance through the official website.
    • has the right to exclude from the Competition without any notice to the Participant of the Competition and every participant in the Competition will not have the right to claim a prize, if it does not adhere to the rules of the Competition, which uses photos / videos in violation of rules and legislation in power, norms and morals, who has created false profiles and / or who tries to gain an advantage in unfair voting assessments, or to win by fraud, by tricks, fictitious or fraudulent voting, or other illegal means.
  • Once announced, the winner must confirm their details (name, surname, email address and mobile number) when communicating with Customer Service operators in private chat / message.
  • The winner can be announced only once winner in different Competitions, the same or similar, organized by ALBtelecom during a calendar year, despite the fact that he can be a winner several or more times.
  • ALBtelecom will not be responsible for winners who do not have the necessary documents and / or a valid biometric passport.
  • CAREFUL! Winners participating in this Contest acknowledge that the winning photos / videos will be displayed publicly on the official websites of ALBtelecom (and / or even on Youtube, etc.), as well as can be used by ALBtelecom for advertising campaigns in full and / or in part, separately or collage, in the media selected by ALBtelecom, and will not have any present or future claims in this regard that include but are not limited to monetary claims.

For any complaint or claim regarding the photo / video and / or its content, you can write to us at Kujdesi_Abonentit@albtelecom.al

For any information or questions about this Contest you can write to us at Kujdesi_Abonentit@albtelecom.al

Last Update: 2 November 2020