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What is Amarantia?

Inspired by Albanian rhapsodists, Amarantia is a fictional character who serves as a technological narrator, the AI, in ALBtelecom's new campaign. After being activated through the question "Amarantia, what's new?", She answers by telling a story that is happening at that very moment! Through storytelling, Amarantia presents to the public the latest offers from ALBtelecom, the right service for each application, no matter how specific, as well as the latest technological developments implemented by the leading company in communication.

Who is Amarantia?

Amarantia is a character capable of giving advice, inspiring or simply showing that many others have the same question as you. Amarantia has its own personality, it is mischievous, smiling and always has a solution through ALBtelecom products and offers, which come in the widest range on the market! From fixed telephony to Fiber Internet, IPTV and Mobile services.

Last Update: 3 December 2020