Terms and Conditions about Mobile Postpaid

Download and register in the "My Profile" app. If your mobile device does not allow you to download My Mobile Profile, just go to the official website of ALBtelecom - My Profile - My Mobile Profile.

Once you log in to My Profile, click on the ALBtelecom Special section - "My Codes" to get all the active codes.

Terms and Conditions

For the use and benefit of codes in the ALBtelecom Special platform for postpaid mobile subscribers

  • All existing and new ALBtelecom postpaid subscribers will have the opportunity to be part of the ALBtelecom Special platform.
  • Through ALBtelecom Special, ALBtelecom will reward the subscriber with various offers in cooperation with different partners.
  • ALBtelecom will automatically provide subscriber codes at the beginning of the month.
  • Depending on the tariff plan, the subscriber will benefit from specific partners.
  • The Subscriber can be informed about the total codes obtained in real time in the My Profile app or in its web version, in the ALBtelecom Special section.
  • In cases where a subscriber switches from one tariff plan to another in the same month, the active codes will be replaced with new ones.
  • In case the subscriber makes a "transfer of ownership" for his / her number, the new owner will not be able to get the codes of the previous subscriber, but will get new codes as a new subscriber in ALBtelecom.
  • ALBtelecom Special will contain the codes with the relevant validity dates, which will be generated according to the methods detailed above.
  • The code that will be provided to each subscriber by the benefit providers in the section "My Codes" will be alphanumeric and digital formats (QR Code or Bar Code).
  • The validity of any code is clearly defined in the My profile app, in the "My Codes" section.
  • Subscribers, in order to benefit from the benefit, must submit the code at each point of representation of the benefit providers.
  • The benefit provider's representative checks the validity of the code, and offers ALBtelecom customers the relevant discount / benefit.
  • After the code is used by the subscriber, it will no longer appear in the "My Codes" section of ALBtelecom Special.
  • At any time during the promotion period, any ALBtelecom subscriber must use the My Profile application or its web version to receive and use the codes.
  • The benefit offered by a Benefit Provider may vary in different periods (may increase) for promotional reasons.
  • Validity of Codes: The process through which the subscriber becomes a member of ALBtelecom Special, is determined only by ALBtelecom, which reserves the right to make any changes.
  • The Subscriber will only benefit from the codes defined in the ALBtelecom Special - My Codes space.
  • The codes which will be obtained through ALBtelecom Special, are valid for 30 days (until the 30th day at 23:59:59) for all postpaid subscribers on the 1st of the following month the codes will be automatically reactivated.
  • All codes that were not used by the subscriber during their validity period can no longer be used but will be replaced with new codes.

Duration of ALBtelecom Special

ALBtelecom can change these "Terms and Conditions" at any time, only through Individual Subscriber Notification (which can be by SMS or phone call via IVR platform or web-redirect or Pop-Up) at least 30 (thirty) days before their entry into force, a notice which in cases where it does not contain sufficient details of the changes, will contain the address where the relevant changes were published. In case of termination by ALBtelecom of ALBtelecom Special, the subscribers can use their codes according to the Terms above before the deadline declared by ALBtelecom for ALBtelecom Special.

Last Update: 24 May 2021