IPTV service assistance

Why should I choose IPTV?

ALBtv is an advanced interactive television experience, offering better control, as it brings together traditional TV, Video on demand, as well as personalization and other content controls.

  • Video on Demand An archive (library) which is categorized by type of content (eg movies, series, documentaries, short videos, etc.). VoD allows fast-forward, rewind, pause actions as can be done with DVD or MP4 movies.
  • Programming guide (EPG - electronic program guide) You can view the updated information of the content of current and future programs. It will enable the viewer to move, find and select content by time, title, channel, type, etc., using the decoder remote control
  • Parental control PIN Security code to protect against the use and viewing of inappropriate content. This code will also enable you to watch videos on demand, or even perform various transactions.
  • Menu Personalization (EPG) Ability to customize menus, appearance or layout, or how the EPG interface is displayed, to suit the client's wishes.
  • HD TV format (HD format) High quality TV channels and broadcasts in digital format.

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Does IPTV affect the quality of my home internet?

No, IPTV is provided in such a way that the quality of the internet does not have any impact on the quality of IPTV service and vice versa.

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Last Update: 5 November 2021