What is Profili Im?

Through the 'My Profile' platform, you are now able to check the data of your subscription, to activate services, as well as many other functionalities.

Initially, this platform will provide services to all prepaid subscribers.


We recommend the use of Google Chrome browser for the 'My Profile' platform.

This platform will serve to send the request. The process will continue through the relevant SMS service.

The various contents will continue to be sent to the subscriber through an SMS format, or through the current format.

All the prices are in accordance with the specific services:

  • 'Eagle Zone TV' and 'Dailynews' will be chargeable.
  • 'Balance Control' will be chargeable for postpaid subscribers.
  • 'Credit Transfer' will be chargeable.

Clicking on 'Activate' means sending the confirmation to activate a service.

Mobile users will used the data of subscription found in the ALBtelecom platform. The subscribers may follow the data update.

How to activate the 'My Profile' platform for the first time

The new users of this platform will be required to fill some information in order to activate the account from the beginning.

Step A:

Creation of a 'My Profile' account in the platform.

In this step, the subscriber will have to prove that he/she has a contract, or an active subscription with ALBtelecom, by entering the accurate data for as follows:

  • Telephone No.
  • Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail address (the subscriber will enter current address

Step B:

Upon confirmation of these data, the subscriber will receive an SMS with the initial password. This step is the verification of the mobile user, and the subscriber will get the confirmation code that starts with REGSCC.

To the subscribers that are registered in the platform will be applied as follows:

Step 1: The subscriber will receive the platform password (in the form of 8 letters/digits).

Step 2: To use the platform, he/she will receive the temporary password (4 digits).

Will this platform be also available for the fixed services' subscribers?

Firstly, this will be available only for the mobile services' subscribers.

Will this platform be available in the mobile application version?

The platform is at first provided only in the web browser version, specifically for PC.

Will the subscribers be charged for the services?

The subscribers will be charged for the prices of each service or functionality

Last Update: 19 December 2016