General information on fixed telephony

The traditional fixed telephony service in every home or office, has already passed to a new era. Transition from TDM to the super modern NGN system, has revolutionized and changed everything into the next generation technology in ALBtelecom. Now, this telephony, both inside and outside of the country, is bringing families together through optical fibers with maximum service quality, and business institutions across the country with the most complete services. Despite the downfall of this telephony, ALBtelecom has maintained its stable trend through its highly favorable national and international offers. The novelty brought by the ALBtelecom fixed telephony is the merging of 'three in one' services, enables that with only one cable, the user gets voice, internet, and television services. The packages of the offered services are designed to be practical, economical and innovative, as well as well integrated with our other services.

Last Update: 19 December 2016