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ALBwifi every day 10 GB for free only from ALBtelecom

How to use:

  1. Send a FREE SMS with the text WIFI to the short number 55544, and you will receive a 8-digit PIN code. You can also request through ALBtelecom Star menu (*100#), under “latest offers”.
  2. Visit the ALBwifi areas find the map here and Select "ALBtelecom" as wireless;
  3. Open the browser and Insert the PIN code to authenticate.


  1. In areas where there is Wi-Fi coverage, the wireless name "ALBtelecom” will appear.
  2. The PIN code, can be used for three wireless devices.
  3. To access the service page, connect with ALBtelecom wireless then visit
  4. This end of year we are offering you 10 GB/day. If you exceed this limit, you may not use ALBwifi on that day, but will be able to receive 10 GB on the following day.
  5. ALBwifi is provided exclusively to Eagle Mobile users with active subscription.
  6. ALBtelecom reserves the right to change the offer, and service usage policies.

If you have any suggestions or enquiries please write to us

For further information, please contact our Costumer Care on 123 (042200123)

Configure ALBwifi service and use it automatically to switch from 4G/3G to Wi-Fi internet, whenever you are in an ALBwifi zone.

This service uses ALBtelecom Mobile SIM card data, to recognize and connect with Wi-Fi network. Surf and get high speed Internet with no effort!

  • 10 GB Internet, every day;
  • Ease of use by making a one-time activation,
  • Automatic switch from 3G/4G (LTE) network to ALBwifi.

To register for the first time:

  1. Select "ALBwifi" as wireless;
  2. Install the configuration file that will be sent to your smartphone;
  3. Or, choose the method of connecting EAP SIM in your phone and you will be automatically connected to ALBwifi.
  4. ALBwifi service may be benefited only from mobile subscribers/advanced smartphones with the following operating systems:
  • Apple iOS 5 version or later;
  • Android 4.x version or later;
  • Blackberry 10.x version or later;
  • Nokia Symbian Belle versions, Nokia Anna, Symbian 3, Series 60 and Series 30;
  • Windows 8.x version or later.

If you have any suggestions or enquiries please write to us

For further information, please contact our Costumer Care on 123

Manual Configuration: Operating system iOS
Manual Configuration: Operating system Android
Manual Configuration: Operating system Blackberry
Manual Configuration: Operating system Symbian
Manual Configuration: Operating system Windows (Celular)

The map is being updated and is indicative. Click here.

 Is the Wi-Fi SMS code needed and stored?

The SMS code received before is not needed or stored. While using ALBwifi there you no more need to send an SMS or input a PIN.

 Can ALBwifi be used by all handsets?

ALBwifi will function only on advanced handsets and smartphones, or tablets with an active Eagle Mobile SIM card. For the list of approved devices please refer to “Suppoted types of devices”

 Can all operating systems be used?

All the mobile handset which are stated as EAP-SIM capable, with the default OS installed on them will be usable.  Even though your device may support this new feature, it mostly works only on official operating systems (stock ROMs). Custom ROMs such as Cyanogen may not support it.

•  How can I know which release my operating system is?

Generally by going to “About” phone, or other factory information of your phone. As the list of phones/tablets is very long, we cannot list all the steps here.

•  Do we have to remove proxy setting, or policy?

Proxy settings are used commonly in PC or Laptop. This service is exclusively for Mobile/Table Device. Proxy configuration is done automatically on these devices, with no need to change them.

•  Which network has the highest priority?

ALBtelecom Wi-Fi has higher priority compared to 2G/3G traffic. As soon as the customer will visit an area with Wi-Fi coverage, he/she will be transferred (offloaded) to Wi-Fi.

•  Can ALBwifi function with netbooks with embedded SIM?

It depends on the device which should be EAP-SIM capable.

•  Can a customer connect to ALBtelecom wireless for being offloaded automatically?

No, ALBtelecom wireless name will be usable only for using WiFi codes.

•  Does ALBwifi function when I am roaming?

ALBwifi functions only in the Wi-Fi coverage map shown in the ALBtelecom webpage.

•  Where can I see the utilization of ALBwifi?

An informative SMS will indicate when the package has been depleted. In the WiFi self care this information is not visible for now.

•  Can I uninstall/deactivate ALBwifi?

Yes, performing the reverse steps of “Manual steps”.

•  Is the ALBwifi configuration file secure?

Yes, the settings installed on your phone have security certificates, which make possible data encryption transmitted over ALBwifi network.

•  Where will ALBwifi be offered?

Throughout ALBtelecom Wi-Fi network, that is changing and increasing all the time. Refer to the coverage map on our corporate page.

•  Can I turn my device into a hotspot with ALBwifi?

Yes, nevertheless sharing your connection is not advised.

Last Update: 19 December 2016