i+Fiks Packages


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Get your Offer from 999 ALL/month, free Installation, and the Modem for use without any payment.

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i+Fiks​ Package
Package ​ i+Fiks 1499​ i+Fiks 1999​ i+Fiks Super 30​
Standard monthly subscription ​ 1 1 2
Monthly subscription with discount ​ 999 ALL​ 1,499 ALL​ 1,999 ALL​
Internet Speed ​ 6 Mbps​ 12 Mbps​ 30 Mbps​
Minutes towards ALBtelecom & Eagle​ 2000​ 2000​ 2000​
National and international minutes ​ 60​ 120 300


  1. The discounted monthly subscription is available for all the new contracts of i+Fiks 1499, 1999 and Super 30, in all ALBtelecom shops.
  2. The installation fee is free of charge, while the ADSL/VDSL set-top box is provided to use without any payment.
  3. The national minutes are valid towards all national operators (Vodafone, Telekom, Plus, and other fixed operators), whereas the international ones include 20 countries across the world.
  4. The minimal contract term is 12 months, and the penalty in case of  early termination of this this contract is 10,000 ALL, proportional to the remaining months of contract.
  5. The monthly discounted subscription will be applied only for the initial contract term of 12 months.
  6. The offer is valid for a limited time.
  7. The above prices include VAT.
  8. This offer is valid up to the 10th of May 2017.


For more information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, get online chat support, Whatsapp and/or Viber support to 0672000123, or call our Customer Service to 123. 

Last Update: 14 April 2017