SuperFibra START Digitalb

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SuperFiber Start has Super Internet, and IPTV with the Digitalb channels, from only 1,300 ALL/month!

Internet Speed SuperFibra Start Digitalb Beginner SuperFibra Start Digitalb Family SuperFibra Start Digitalb Premium
8 Mbps 1,300 ALL 1,800 ALL 3,300 ALL
Volume per month 50 GB
+150 GB / for the first 2 months*

For the extra channels of Klan and RTSH, you can activate the extra packages

Extra Package Price Benefits
Klan Package 80 ALL/month Klan HD, Klan +, ABC News, Klan Maqedonia, Klan Music
RTSH* Package 60 ALL/month RTSH 1 HD, RTSH 2 HD, RTSH 3 HD, RTSH Sport, RTSH Muzikë, RTSH Film, RTSH Shqip,RTSH 24Lajme, RTSH Kuvend, RTVKorça, RTV Gjirokastra, RTSH Shkollë​​, RTSH Fëmijë​​, RTSH Plus​

For extra internet, choose one of the Giga Extra Packages

Volume Price
Giga Extra 1 Package 50 GB 200
Giga Extra 2 Package 200 GB 300

Or choose the tariff option of 10 ALL/GB

  1. Packages can be obtained from all new or existing subscribers in all ALBtelecom shops.
  2. After the completion of the volume of 50 GB, the internet service will be interrupted while the telephony and IPTV service will continue according to the selected tariff plan.
  3. During the first two calendar months you will receive *150 GB extra for free.
  4. The installation fee for all new subscribers is 1,500 ALL.
  5. For the new Customers the modem is provided for use at no extra charges.
  6. For the new IPTV Clients with 24-month contracts the IPTV decoder is provided for use at no extra charges.
  7. The internet service in these packages will be provided via dynamic IP.
  8. For these packages, the maximum duration of the contract is 24 months, as well as the penalty in case of early termination of this contract will be 5,000 ALL for the Internet and 10,000 ALL for IPTV.
  9. Package prices include VAT.
  1. Giga Extra packages can be added on active SuperFiber Start packages.
  2. Giga Extra packages will have the same speed as the basic packages.
  3. You can activate these extra packages in parallel, but the same package cannot be activated twice in the same period.
  4. Monthly subscription of Giga Extra packages is applied in full on activation or deactivation.
  5. After consuming the volume of the basic tariff plan, you can select the charging option 10 ALL / GB, where the maximum monthly value will be up to 1,500 ALL.
  6. The client must sign the relevant annex which defines the selected package.
  7. For the option of packages that are automatically renewed at the beginning of each month, the term of the package is related to the contract term of the customer's basic product.
  8. Package prices include VAT.

For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 11 November 2020