IPTV Service

Albtelecom offers the best interactive TV experience. Coming up with an innovation for family subscribers, by announcing ALBtv service, in form of combined packages with fixed telephone and internet service. Three services on a single bill.

Our service offers not only a wide range of channels and programming, or channels in HD format, but it is provided through advanced IPTV technology, which turns it into the most impressive experience.

Why would I choose IPTV?

Because IPTV provides more than the other platforms:

  • Contains a variety of television channels;
  • Programs are suitable for all and the latest content;
  • Service Quality and HD format;
  • Various Video Services as per the request, EPG, etc.;
  • Qualitative Customer Care Service and technical support;
  • It shall be provided all over Albania (the areas covered by ALBtelecom fixed network);
  • Affordable prices;
  • Are provided three services in one invoice;
  • Free of charge decoder if you choose to stay long with ALBtelecom;
  • Opportunity to personalise the menu and select the content;
  • Not only a TV, but a new interacting television experience.

Television like never before!

IPTV is an advanced interactive television experience providing better control, because it brings together traditional TV, Video on demand, as well as personalization and other content controls.

Besides main services listed below, you shall have the opportunity to use other ALBtv services to be launched in future.

Broadcasting TV (BTV): Initially the content of different televisions can be watched through IP.

HD format: Television channels and high quality broadcasting in digital format.

Video on Demand: A library categorized by the type of content (e.g. films, serials, documentaries, short videos,  etc.). VoD allows fast-forward, rewind, pause, as it can be done with films in DVD or MP4

EPG - electronic program guide: It will contain the updated information of current and future content of programs.  It shall enable the viewer to move, find and select content by time, title, channel, type, etc., by using decoder remote control.

Personalization of EPG: Opportunity to personalize electronic program guides,  view or display, or how the EPG interface is displayed, in order to, in order to comply with requirements of client.

Parental control PIN: Security code to be protected from the use and watching of inappropriate content. This code shall as well enable the watching of video on demand, or also the effectuation of different transactions.

Last Update: 19 December 2016