ALBtv Package by ALBtelecom


Choose ALBtv, the exclusive TV package from ALBtelecom, and enjoy the Internet together with the IPTV with over 25 channels for an unrivaled price!

ALBtv Package + DVB-T2 as Gift​
Price 999 ALL
On-net Minutes 200
Internet Speed (download) *4 Mbps
TV Package Over 25 national and internetional TV channels​

*From 9 October 2019, the internet speed of this package doubles, from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps, without any additional costs.

This change will be available to all existing subscribers of ALBtv Package, as well as to all new subscribers that will be contacted from this date and on.

  1. Services are easily paid monthly through the ALBtelecom fixed telephony bill; therefore, the three services are paid on a single invoice. 
  2. For new customers with 12 or 24 months contracts, the ADSL modem and the IPTV decoder are provided for use without any extra charge. 
  3. For new customers with 12 months contracts an installation fee of 2,000 ALL will be charged. 
  4. The DVB-T2 decoder will be free of charge. 
  5. With the ALBtv package and the DVB-T2 decoder, subscribers will enjoy selected international channels as well as the most popular national channels. 
  6. Fixed telephony monthly subscription is included in the package price. 
  7. The on-net minutes are available towards all ALBtelecom Landline and Mobile numbers. 
  8. The minutes step charge will be 1 + 1 seconds.
  9. The maximum duration of the contract is 24 months and the penalty in case of early termination of this contract is 10,000 ALL, proportional to the remaining months of the contract. 
  10. In case of early termination of this contract (within the first 12 months), a penalty of 1,600 ALL will be applied for the free-of- charge digital decoder of the offer. 
  11. The price of the package includes VAT.
No. ALBtv
1 Info channel 
2 Klan HD
3 Klan Plus HD
4 ABC News
5 Klan Maqedonia
6 Klan Music
7 Filmbox Arthouse
8 FilmBox Stars
9 Filmbox Extra HD
10 Docubox HD
11 360 Tunebox
12 Fashionbox HD
13 Fastnfunbox HD
14 Fightbox HD
15 Gametoon 
16 RTSH Shkolle
17 Deutche Welle
18 RT News HD 
21 RTSH 1 HD
22 RTSH 2 HD
23 RTSH 3 HD
24 RTSH Sport
25 RTSH Muzikë
26 RTSH Film
27 RTSH Shqip
28 RTSH 24 Lajme
29 RTSH Kuvend 
30 RTVKorça
31 RTV Gjirokastra
32 Erox HD
33 Eroxxx
34 TV Gold Johaniter








Last Update: 7 May 2019