SuperMiks  FIBER Packages - ALBtv Tring

With the SuperMix Fiber ALBtv Tring Packages, create the combination that best suits you by choosing the best Internet with the fiber optic technology!

Fiber Internet, IPTV and fixed telephony, together for an incomparable price!

Internet Speed (download)​ Tring Basic Tring Bazsic + Sport Tring Full
8 Mbps 1,800 ALL 2,400 ALL 2,900 ALL
16 Mbps 2,500 ALL 2,900 ALL 3,400 ALL
30 Mbps 3,100 ALL 3,500 ALL 3,800 ALL
50 Mbps 3,600 ALL 4,000 ALL 4,300 ALL
100 Mbps 4,200 ALL 4,600 ALL 4,900 ALL

*All the SuperMix Packages have an extra of 2000 on-net minutes as gift.

And if you need national and international minutes for your fixed line, choose one of the Extra Fixed:

Extra Fixed 1 Extra Fixed 2
1000 minutes towards ALBtelecom Mobile & Landline 1000 minutes towards ALBtelecom Mobile & Landline​
100 national and international ​minutes 200 national and international minutes​
300 ALL 500 ALL

  • The services can be paid easily, and month after month through the ALBtelecom landline invoice; thus, all the three services can be paid in one invoice.
  • The SuperMix Packages with the fiber optic technology can be benefited from all new or existing subscribers in all ALBtelecom shops, in the areas of network coverage. 
  • The installation fee for all new subscribers in the ALBtv Fiber packages is 3,000 ALL.
  • The new subscribers of SuperMix Fiber get the modem for free use. 
  • The new subscribers with a 24 months validity Fiber ALBtv contract get the IPTV decoder for free use. 
  • The Champions League matches are exclusively broadcast to ALBtelecom subscribers according to the listed packages.
  • The internet service of the SuperMix Fiber is offered through static or dynamic IP.
  • The upload for the Fiber ALBtv Packages is: 1 Mbps for packages of 8/16 Mbps speed; 5 Mbps for packages of 30/50 Mbps speed; 10 Mbps for packages of 100 Mbps speed.
  • Internet Fair use policy is applied for the ALBtv package of 30, 50, and 100 Mbps speed at the level of 500 GB/month. After this volume, the internet speed will be reduced to 8 Mbps unlimited. This detail doesn't affect the IPTV service quality. 
  • The monthly fee of the fixed telephony is included in the package's price.
  • The on-net minutes are available towards all ALBtelecom Landline and Mobile numbers.
  • The step-charge of the minutes and respective charging is for 1+1 seconds. 
  • For the ALBtv packages, the maximum contract duration is 24 months and the penalty in case of early termination is 10,000 ALL, proportional to the remaining months of the contract.
  • The prices of the packages include VAT.
  • The on-net minutes are available towards all ALBtelecom Mobile and Landline numbers. 
  • The off-net minutes are available towards other national fixed operators, national mobile operators (Vodafone, Telekom Albania), as well as towards international operators in Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, USA, Canada, France, Turkey, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, China, Spain, Sweden, Poland, and Czech Republic.
  • The Extra Packages can be added to the active contracts of the SuperMixed Packages.
  • The client must sign the relevant addendum where the selected package is defined.
  • The package validity is related to the contract validity of the basic product. 
  • Upon activation, the package is automatically renewed every month.
  • The step-charge for the consumption of minutes is 1+1 seconds.
  • The same package cannot be activated twice at the same time. 
  • The monthly fee of the Extra packages is fully applied upon activation or deactivation.
  • The prices of these packages include VAT.

For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

No. of channels  Tring Basic Tring Basic + Sport Tring Full Nr. kanalesh  Channels valid only to Tring packages​
2 Vizion + Vizion + Vizion + 201  RTSH 2 HD​
3 Klan HD Klan HD Klan HD 202  RTSH 3 HD​ 
4 Klan Plus HD Klan Plus HD Klan Plus HD 203  RTSH Sport​ 
5 TVSH TVSH TVSH 204  RTSH Muzikë​ 
7 FAX News FAX News FAX News 206   RTSH Shqip​
8 Living Living Living 207  RTSH 24 Lajme​ 
9 JollyHD JollyHD JollyHD 208   RTSH Kuvend​
10 3 Plus 3 Plus 3 Plus 209  RTV Korça​ 
11 SMILE SMILE SMILE 210  RTV Gjirokastra​ 
12 Kanali7 Kanali7 Muse    
13 Mediaset Italia CLICK Kanali7    
14 CLICK Tring Shqip Mediaset Italia    
15 Tring Shqip TTring CLICK    
16 TTring Tip TV Tring Shqip    
17 Tip TV Kids TTring    
18 Kids Tring Max Tip TV    
19 Tring Max Tring Life Kids    
20 Tring Life Fantasy Tring Super    
21 Fantasy Euro Channel Tring Max    
22 Euro Channel TVWorld Tring Life    
23 TVWorld English Club Tring Comedy    
24 English Club BBF Fantasy    
25 BBF Elrodi Euro Channel    
26 Elrodi Tema TV Tring History    
27 Tema TV Tirana TV Tring Planet    
28 Tirana TV Egnatia TVWorld    
29 Egnatia Adria Net Travel Channel    
30 Adria Net Apollon TV Real Time    
31 Apollon TV RTK English Club    
33 KTV RTV 21 RTSH Muzik    
35 RTV 21 RTV 21 Plus BBF    
36 RTV 21 Plus Era TV Folk Plus    
37 Era TV TsportNews Elrodi    
38 TsportNews Sport 1 HD Tema TV    
39 Telesport Sport 2 HD Tirana TV    
40 RAI 1 Sport 3 HD Egnatia    
41 RAI 2 Sport 4 HD Adria Net    
42 Rete4 Telesport Apollon TV    
43 Canale 5 RAI 1 RTK    
44 Italia 1 RAI 2 KTV    
45 La 7 Rete4 RTV 21    
46 EuroStar Canale 5 RTV 21 Plus    
47 Euro D Italia 1 Era TV    
48 ANT1 La 7 RTSH Sport    
49 Hayat Plus EuroStar TsportNews    
50 France 24 EN Euro D Sport 1 HD    
51 TV5 Monde ANT1 Sport 2 HD    
52 Super RTL Hayat Plus Sport 3 HD    
53 RTL 2 France 24 EN Sport 4 HD    
54 ZDF HD TV5 Monde Telesport    
56 EuroNews Super RTL RAI 1    
57 BBC WORLD RTL 2 RAI 2    
58 CNN ZDF HD RAI 3    
59 Deutche Welle EuroNews Rai Gulp    
60 Al Jazeera Balkan BBC WORLD Rete4    
61 World Fashion TV CNN Canale 5    
62 Fine Living Deutche Welle Italia 1    
63 Food Network Al Jazeera Balkan Rai News 24    
64 Cartoon Network World Fashion TV Rai Storia    
65 Desire Fine Living La 7    
66 Zjarr Tv Food Network NTV    
67 Channel One Cartoon Network ATV Avrupa    
68 Shenja TV Desire EuroStar    
69 Real TV Zjarr Tv Euro D    
70 HITV Channel One ANT1    
71   Shenja TV BN Music    
72   Real TV OBN ID    
73   HITV Hayat Plus    
74     Hayat Folk    
75     France 24 EN    
76     France 24 FR    
77     TV5 Monde    
78     Arte HD    
79     RTL    
80     Super RTL    
81     RTL 2    
82     RTL Nitro    
83     Vox ID    
84     DAS Erste    
85     ZDF HD    
86     TVE    
87     RTP International    
88     EuroNews    
89     CNBC Europe    
90     BBC WORLD    
91     CNN    
92     Deutche Welle    
93     Al Jazeera INT    
94     Al Jazeera Balkan    
95     RT    
96     Fashion Europe HD    
97     Fashion ONE    
98     World Fashion TV    
99     Fine Living    
100     Food Network    
101     Luxe TV    
103     Cartoon Network    
104     Boomerang    
105     Bunga Bunga    
106     Desire    
107     Bizarre    
112     Zjarr Tv    
113     Channel One    
114     Shenja TV    
115     Real TV    
116     HITV    




Last Update: 28 February 2019