Fol Fix Super


The FolFix Super Package, for only 1,500 ALL/month!

For only 1,500 ALL/month, with the FolFiks Super Package you get:

  1. 2000 minutes towrads ALBtelecom;
  2. 300 national and international minutes.
  1. The package can be obtained by all new and existing subscribers in all shops ALBtelecom.
  2. The national minutes are valid towards all national operators (Vodafone, AMC, Plus and other fixed operators), while the international minutes are valid towards all the fixed and mobile operators in 20 foreign states: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, USA, Canada, France, Turkey, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, China, Spain, Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
  3. The monthly fee of the fixed telephony is included in the package price.
  4. The consumption of minutes and the relevant tariffing is applied through the depletion scheme of 1+1 seconds.   
  5. The duration of the contract is 12 months and the penalty in case of premature interruption of this contract is 5,000 ALL, in proportion with the remaining months of the contract.
  6. The prices are VAT included.

For further information, please contact our Costumer Service at 123.

Last Update: 19 December 2016