Credit Transfer


You can now safely transfer the credits towards Eagle Mobile through every fixed number of ALBtelecom, at any time. You simply make a call from your fixed number to 135, without any extra cost. The service “Credit Transfer” gives the family subscribers of ALBtelecom the opportunity to transfer credits towards all prepaid Eagle Mobile numbers. The ALBtelecom subscribers can use the service by calling 135, and following the relevant instructions.

Eagle Mobile prepaid subscribers who receive a transfer from the “Credit transfer” service on their account, will benefit from a gift of an extra 10% of the transferred amount on their account, as well as lower tariffs for all calls towards ALBtelecom numbers: only 7 ALL/minute.

Now you can easily and safely transfer credit to all Eagle Mobile prepaid numbers, through every fixed residential number of ALBtelecom, at any time of the day and night. You can simply make a FREE-of-CHARGE call from your ALBtelecom fixed line towards the short number “135”.
The “Credit Transfer” service gives all ALBtelecom Residential subscribers the ability to transfer credit via the ALBtelecom fixed line to their family members and loved ones, users of Eagle Mobile prepaid numbers, wherever they are.

In order to use this service, the ALBtelecom Residential subscribers should have a 7 digits code (password), which will be received via SMS
The ALBtelecom Residential subscribers, who do not have a password, should call “135”, and by pressing 2 they should follow the IVR instructions:

1. By pressing 1, they will be automatically connected to the Call Center agent to confirm some data (name, customer ID, passport No /mobile No /e-mail /paid bills, etc.), and after they have answered all the security questions, they will receive the password on their mobile phone. They can also change the password.
2. In case they want to change it, they can do it by pressing 2.

All customers who have a password will be able to transfer credit through the IVR.
1. They should call “135”, and by pressing 1, a 7-digit password will be requested immediately.
2. After that, the ALBtelecom subscribers should enter the EM desired prepaid number on which the amount should be transferred; then the amount of money that will be transferred.
3. By pressing 1 they can confirm the transaction.
4. While by pressing 2 they can set again the right amount they want to transfer.

EM users will get an SMS to be informed on the top up made by ALBtelecom Residential subscribers.

• Minimum transferred amount 100 ALL
• Maximum daily transferred amount 500 ALL
• Maximum monthly transferred amount 2.000 ALL
In case the ALBtelecom subscribers do not want to use the “Credit Transfer” service anymore, they can call “123” and after they have answered the security questions, the service will be deactivated.
*All the above values are VAT included.

Last Update: 21 December 2016