The SuperFamily Group

Create your own SuperFamily group!


The entire family gets its telecommunications services from ALBtelecom

...with the SuperFamily!

  • Up to 100% discount every month for your IPTV/Internet/Fixed Telephone package
  • Up to 2,000 MBs of Internet as gift every month for the mobile numbers of the group
  • The exclusive Klik-On service!

How to create your SuperFamily group?

If you have an ALBtelecom contract on any fixed services: a residential package of IPTV, Internet or Landline:

  1. Visit the nearest ALBtelecom shop, and fill the declaration on the ALBtelecom mobile numbers you wish to include in the group.
  2. As per your choice, you can add fro one to four mobile numbers, which should belong to the Standard Prepaid or SuperRiniring tariff Plan.
  3. If the numbers of your family members belong to another operator, invite them to switch to ALBtelecom Mobile through the number portability, carrying the same number, but with the best packages in the market. As soon as they are part of ALBtelecom Mobile network, you can make them part of your Superfamily group in any ALBtelecom shop.

If you have a Standard Prepaid or SuperRiniring ALBtelecom Mobile plan

  1. If you have IPTV, Internet or Landline services from ALBtelecom at your home, the owner of the contract of the fixed services should compile a request in any ALBtelecom shop.
  2. If your family TV/internet or landline belong to another operator, all you have to do is switch to ALBtelecom and try any SuperMiks package. After that, get up to 100% discount for your SuperMiks package.

Are you currently part of the SuperFamily group?

You have already enjoyed the benefits of this group. Do not forget that you can add up to 4 mobile numbers to your group.

Click here to watch the SuperFamily tutorial

How to get up to 100% discount on the fixed services?

The discount on the monthly fee of the IPTV, internet or Landline service can be benefited only if the mobile members of the group register to the Super Packages through any registration channel.

  1. The mobile numbers of the group activate the Super packages at the ALBtelecom shop/point of sale, or through any registration channel at the official prices of the packages or offers which these numbers benefit from.
  2. ALBtelecom calculates 20% of the total price of the Super Packages paid by all the mobile members of the group within a calendar month and depletes this from the monthly fee of the fixed services package. The applied discount in no case can be greater than the value of the net value of the monthly fee (if other discounts from other offers on the fixed services are being aplied).
  3. The more registrations are made by the mobile group members to the Super Packages within a month, the greater the discount on the monthly fee of the IPTV, Internet or landline service. 
  4. During the month in which the group has been created, the 20% discount will be calculated only on the Super packages which have been activated after the mobile number has received the confirmation message of becoming part of the group. 
  5. If the fixed services have been blocked unilaterally or bilaterally because of the any unpaid obligations, then the activations of the Super packages from the group members will not offer discount on the monthly fee of the fixed service as long as the fixed services remain blocked. 

How to benefit up to 2,000 MBs of internet for the mobile numbers of the group?

  1. Each mobile number, at the time of becoming a SuperFamily member, will automatically benefit 500 MBs of internet as gift, available until the end of the calendar month. If your group has 4 mobile members, all together will receive 2,000 MB.
  2. Every month, on the first day of the month, the mobile numbers which are part of the group, will receive 500 MBs as gift, eve if they do not activate any package. This gift will be automatically activated every month for as long as the mobile number remains part of the Superfamily group. 
  3. The Internet gift will have a step-charge of every 10 kBs and it is not available while roaming.

Activate you Super Packages through the Klik-On service 

  • Do the activation today, and pay at the end of the month
  • 20% discount on every Super Package


How to use the Klik-On service?

This service is available only to the SuperFamily group members. The mobile leader of the group can activate the Super Packages on behalf of all the mobile numbers of the group by calling the short number 130, and by following the instructions during the call.

Are you a mobile group leader and one of the group members needs a Super Package? 

No need to go to the shop. There's not even need to have the money for purchasing the package!

  1. Just call for free 130 from your mobile.
  2. Enter the number on behalf of which you wish to activate a Super Package (one of your group members).
  3. Choose the Super Package you wish to activate.
  4. The chosen mobile number will instantly get the Super Package benefits you have activated for him (with the same specifications this package has if activated in a shop).
  5. The value of the package will be added to the fixed service invoice of the current month by applying a 20% discount from the official price. If the mobile number has already active offers with discounts on the Super Packages, and if the activation of the package is done through the Klik-On service, then the offer will not be applied, but only the 20% discount will be calculated.
  6. The next invoice will contain the Super package value with 20% discount. 

The mobile leader of the group can be you or any group member, but it is you who select it. Visit the nearest ALBtelecom shop to choose your mobile leader of the group. 

The allowed amount to spend for Super Packages on behalf of group members is 6,500 ALL/month, for all the packages which are activated from the short number 130.

For the use and benefits of SuperFamilja Group

  1. All subscribers of fix and mobile services, part of individual tariff plans (for contracted fix services and for mobile service with prepaid tariff plan) have the opportunity to be part of SuperFamilja group created by a fix number or to take invitations from fix numbers to be part of SuperFamilja group.
  2. A fix or mobile number with Standard prepaid tariff plan and Super Riniring can be of a SuperFamilja group only.
  3. SuperFamilja group shall have 2 members in minimum (one member with fix number and one member with mobile number) and 5 members in maximum (one member with fix number and up to 4 members with mobile numbers).
  4. Mobile numbers becoming part of group shall receive an informing SMS for the group they have become part to, and if not agreeing they can call Customer Service number 123 within 48 hours demanding the removal of their number from the group.
  5. All SuperFamilja group members can leave the group within 90 days term of time from group membership time, except cases when SuperFamilja Members refuse to be part of group until 48 hours from membership time.
  6. Fix number holder subscriber can remove existing members of SuperFamilja Group within 90 days from entry time into group and deactivate the Group within 90 days upon its creation.
  7. The Operator and/or the Company/Persons authorized by him shall process subscribers` personal data under the provisions of legislation into force with purpose of creation, operation and modification of SuperFamilja


Benefits of SuperFamilja group members

  1. The 20% of prepaid monthly mobile packages purchase price, activated by SuperFamilja Group members shall be deducted in “fix service” monthly tariff (including Fixed Telephony and/or IPTV and/or internet). This discount shall be applied for each purchase of prepaid monthly mobile packages from SuperFamilja group members.
  2. Benefits of being part of SuperFamilja group can be provided only for prepaid monthly mobile packages activated after the receipt of confirmation message by mobile number of having become part of Group.
  3. The 20% discount in Group creation month shall be calculated only for prepaid monthly mobile packages activated after the receipt of confirmation message by mobile number of having become part of Group.
  4. The discount mentioned in clause 7 doesn`t exceed by negative value the monthly fixed service subscription, meaning that the monthly fixed telephony service tariff goes up to 0 ALL for the given month depending on the activation of prepaid monthly mobile packages by group members.
  5. Discount shall be applied only in monthly fixed services tariff and not in total invoice generated by subscriber due to consumption out of tariff benefits that belongs to.
  6. In case fixed services are blocked in one direction or in both directions way due to non-payment then monthly mobile packages activations by group members shall not offer discount in monthly fixed services tariff as long as the fixed services are blocked.
  7. In case mobile members of SuperFamilja group are part of promotional offers that offer discounts in monthly prepaid mobile packages, then the discount in monthly fixed services tariff shall be in proportion with purchased package price.
  8. All mobile members of family group within SuperFamilja group benefit 500 MB bonus internet each month, with monthly validity.
  9. The bonus internet volume shall be generated by each 10 KB intervals.
  10. Benefits of monthly packages and internet bonus are not valid in roaming.
  11. Monthly packages balance can be verified by sending a SMS with text “Balance” to number 145.


Klik-ON Service

  1. “Klik-ON” service can be used by fixed number possessor (beneficiary of benefits) and/or by Group Mobile Leader to activate monthly prepaid packages for mobile members of SuperFamilja group through the Profili Im mobile app, or by calling the free number 130.
  2. In case monthly prepaid mobile packages activation is carried out through “Klik-ON” service, then 20% value shall be deducted from respective monthly prepaid mobile package purchase price.
  3. The benefits or content of monthly prepaid mobile packages activated within SuperFamilja group are the same with market monthly standard prepaid packages offered to all ALBtelecom subscribers.
  4. In case a mobile subscriber is part of SuperFamilja group and has at same time other active promotions such as discounts in monthly prepaid mobile packages, then these promotions shall not be benefited in case the activation of packages is performed through "Klick-ON" service. In this case the subscriber benefits only the designated offers of SuperFamilja group.
  5. Monthly prepaid mobile packages activations through “Klik-ON” service shall be invoiced as total amount over fixed services tariff.
  6. The permitted amount that can be spent by "Klik-ON" service through aforementioned two channels is 6,500 (six thousand and five hundred) ALL per month.


Exit from SuperFamilja group

  1. In case fixed number contract is closed at subscriber`s request or due to non-payment reasons, then the group is automatically dispersed.
  2. In case a group member is registered in monthly mobile packages and then leaves the group, the package shall continue to be valid up to its validity termination time, whereas the internet bonus volume shall be interrupted immediately if not being generated.
  3. In cases when the members leave ALBtelecom network or the numbers are closed, then they shall be automatically removed from SuperFamilja group and can be replaced by other members in case the maximal number of members is not completed.
  4. In case the group is composed by a fix number and a mobile number and the mobile number leaves the network or it is closed, then the group shall be automatically dispersed.
  5. In case SuperFamilja group is dispersed, then all group members shall be notified via a SMS.


ALBtelecom can change at any time these “Terms and Conditions”, only through individual Notification of subscriber (which could be performed also via SMS or call through IVR platform or web-redirect or Pop-Up) at least 30 (thirty) days before entry into force of them, which notice shall contain the address of respective published changes in cases when not containing sufficient details of changes.  In case ALBtelecom subscriber doesn`t make request for the close of SuperFamilja Group within 30 days upon Notification date, then the new conditions shall enter automatically into force for the use and benefits of  SuperFamilja Group. .


Last Update: 4 September 2018